A TikToker is making it rain money in Switzerland – in the truest sense. But the action leads to unpleasant scenes and an ambulance arrives.

A rather unusual event made visitors to Lake Zurich sit up and take notice last Saturday (May 11th). As “ Blick.ch ” reports, a drone dropped banknotes worth a total of 24,000 francs (the equivalent of around 24,400 euros) over the China meadow. This was staged by a TikToker.

According to “Blick”, the TikToker, who calls himself Oracle, had previously announced the campaign in a video: “My name is Oracle, and on Saturday, May 11th, it will rain money over the Zurich Chinawiese. You will not believe? Then stay at home. To everyone else: Good luck on the China meadow.”

Many people were there at the specified time.

However, there were also some unpleasant scenes during the money rain. “Blick.ch” describes that people threw themselves at the money, screamed and were even thrown to the ground. An ambulance was also in use.

The Zurich city police confirmed to “Blick.ch” a corresponding operation on the Chinawiese. However, more detailed information about the background to the campaign or possible consequences for the initiator is not yet available.

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