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Suburban firefighters extinguish a major fire at a warehouse in city Ramenskoye
Among the dead patients 39 to 84 years
The rules clarify terms and specify the cases that the official statistics of road accident will not be included. The draft government resolution that approves these rules posted for public comment
A terrible tragedy in the Ryazan region, when a man shot five people, it would be possible to prevent them, experts say. The shooter tried to escape, but was detained by the police
Under the rubble of the collapsed entrance of the house in the suburban Orekhovo-Zuyevo found the body of a second victim. His identity is still unknown. The rescue operation continues
After yesterday's massive earthquake off the Northern Kuril Islands, were recorded 81 aftershocks. The magnitude of the strongest was 5.8. It was felt in Severo-Kurilsk force in 3 points
A strong earthquake of magnitude 7.2 occurred on Wednesday afternoon in the Pacific ocean. Tremors force to 5 points on the Richter scale felt by people in the North-Kurilsk on the Paramushir island and parts of the Kamchatka territory
The first wave of the tsunami after the earthquake in the Pacific ocean, came to the town of North-Kurilsk, located on the island of Paramushir. While they are small and not dangerous.
According to the revised data, the accident of two buses near Tambov two people were killed, another 17 were injured. The cause of the accident was a hurricane, a two-storey car overturned in a deep ditch
Often in an accident the drivers of BMW and Audi. But, according to the study, it was the BMW drivers do not change their dangerous style of driving even after an accident, so they remain the most dangerous on the road
In the Sosnogorsk region of the Komi Republic in the accident killed six people. Two young children taken in critical condition to the hospital. In the aftermath of the accident was attended by 17 of the rescuers and seven vehicles
The accident, which occurred on 5 March in Barabinsk district of the Novosibirsk region has claimed the life of 23-year-old Omsk athlete Alexander Makarov, ready to perform at the Paralympics 2020 in Tokyo
The police said one of the new ways of embezzlement of funds of Bank customers. This is the website, home page of which is copied from a real Bank page. Then the scammers lure users with the information they need to empty their accounts
The Average volcano, which is located near the village of Keys Ust-Kamchatsky district, covered a layer of ash after the eruption of the Klyuchevskoy volcano. The height of the emissions has reached six kilometers
The number of officially registered lethal cases of infection with coronavirus in Italy has reached 34
In the attack on employees of the Sputnik Turkey in Ankara, which occurred about 23
Micaella Spielberg was taken to a detention center Hill Detention Center in Nashville, Tennessee, at 06.33 am on February 29.
Teen in serious condition after an accident in the Ulyanovsk region, out of surgery and is now in intensive care. The doctors were able to sew him the hand torn off
The number of victims in a bus accident on highway in Ulyanovsk region has grown to 16 people. Five members of the football team and one pregnant woman taken to hospital
The General condition of the 500 richest people in the world for the week decreased from 444 billion in connection with a significant decline in stock markets due to the spread of the coronavirus.
Actor cult films of the last century, and nowadays the head of the criminal group detained by operatives of the capital in the North-East of the capital. The gang stole property and money from the accounts of deceased citizens.
13-year-old schoolgirl in the city of Ufa became a victim of sexual abuse directly at an entrance of own house
Fourth-grader school in the West of Moscow helped the police to detain 27 Feb libertine. The drunk man approached the three girls and offered sexual services.
The seventh-grader from New Moscow in an attempt to impress my classmates jumped from the third floor of the school right in the middle of class. Fortunately, has done without serious consequences. Most unusual in this story were transported to the hospital by helicopter.
In Italy the number of people infected with the novel coronavirus has reached 474, according to TPI
The Creator of the "Batmobile" brought administrative proceedings under three articles. A copy of the vehicle's comic book hero Batman stopped by the traffic police in Moscow. However, the attention it attracted not appearance, and the lack of registration plates and exceeding the allowed dimensions
According to RT, the representative of a city administration of Khabarovsk has told about carrying out the evacuation in all city schools after an anonymous call about mining of educational institutions
In the Ministry of emergency situations DND reported that about 16.5 million subscribers self-proclaimed Republic were left without electricity as a result of strong gusts of wind
Edition Welt published material traces of the incident in the German Volkmarsen in Hesse, where the driver crashed into a crowd of people in the carnival procession, stating that his actions could have been intentional
Experts analyzed the data of the Ministry of interior at the end of 2019 and made a rating of regions according to the accidents on the roads. The highest number of accident victims per 100 thousand vehicles occurred in Tuva
He is accused of receiving a bribe in especially large size
The procedure will guide in preparation of documents for the next court hearing
Also gave damning testimony one of the defendants, another defendant in the case – Tatiana forestry nail Magdeev
According to investigators, the accused during uncoordinated action on July 27, pushed in the back and an employee of Regardie
To serve the sentence she will be in a General regime colony
6 Dec 2019 kuntsevskiy district court of Moscow Zhukov was sentenced to three years probation
On 6 February, the Prosecutor asked for such term of arrest for the accused
Bank "East" and its owners were in the spotlight in February after the arrest of the founder of Baring Vostok Michael Calvey and another five people
Ruslan Ibragimov and Rafis Galimov next two months will be spent in jail
Arslanova charged with the crime two crimes under article "Fraud in especially large size"

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