Mesalliance happen different: between rich and poor, young and old, urban and rural, educated and not. Also “not equal” side of one of the young may deem chosen a different nationality, religion or skin color. What an unequal marriage most tolerant, the Russians, and who will never recognize a soul mate, found out the correspondent “MK”.

having Interrogated 1,6 thousand respondents over 18 years, VTSIOM found that the most tolerant compatriots are marriages between people with different income levels (68% expressed a neutral attitude to such a misalliance), with a different cultural level (60%) and with different professional and social status (65%).

Also during the last decade Russians have become more tolerant to the grooms and brides of other religions. In 2010, religious misalliance condemned almost half of the respondents (48%), and in 2020 only 30%. While 51% of respondents expressed a neutral attitude towards the construction of the family with the infidel.

the Remaining tolerance compatriots unequal distributed between the following unions:

Capital with provincial – 32% approve; 62% said they would not mind if their loved ones want to join such a marriage.

the Russians with foreigners – 19% approve; 22% disapprove.

least of all compatriots cute marriages with a large age difference, they were convicted, 36% of respondents.

– Any survey reflects the current realities, but today they just are, says the survey results psychologist practices Elena Pigolkina. In the circumstances the interest of building long-term relationships with the citizens of other countries among Russians age of marriage is now reduced. Despite the fact that the peak of fashion on international marriages, we are all left in the last century, having survived it in the 90s. as for people of other faiths (in our latitudes it often about Muslims), with them, the Russians over the past decade, by contrast, accustomed. It happened because large-scale labor migration from the CIS countries in Asia and thanks to the state policy condemning the incitement to religious hatred.

as to the marriage with the provincials, tolerant attitude here is not news, it’s all Russian national sport and pride. Of course, a “city party” in his circle can condemn the appearance in a family “village”, but by and large we still from Soviet times such mesalliances understand. The nobility of the city grooms-brides people have seen that the registration chosen for their love is not a hindrance. And “limit” are not afraid to enter into the family to the “capital stuff” has always been associated with self-motivated, active personality, able to breathe the living energy in the refined inhabitants of the capital.

But the fact that the fashion of the age mesalliance swept us in full zero, changed the acceptance of marriage between people of different generations can be called progress. This means that today we put sincere feelings above any benefit.

the fact that the age mesalliance always complex – that is, automatically include other differences in material and social status, life experiences, from which emerges a system of values and emotional “degree” attitude to life. Thus the age mismatch never occurs solely because of mutual attraction, but always in the background of particular needs of each party. The simplest and most common need of pushing the young into the arms of Mature material. But it happens, and the psychological vacuum, to fill which a more Mature partner.

For example, for older men usually gravitate to girls who grew up without a father in their life vacant seat guru – experienced males. Completely happy men too unlikely to consider as a bride a woman much older than himself – nature dictates them otherwise. Really attracted to Mature women only to young people with certain psychological problems with their mothers or other older relatives.

as to Mature partners in a husband from a different generation they are looking for ways to unconditionally dominate, and sexual Renaissance, or at least its visibility – for the prestige. The fact that 36% of people of marriageable age today do not approve of these motivations suggests that our society as a whole became more prosperous from the point of view of life values.