Tazio Nuvolari was a wild dog, probably the most dauntless racers of the 1930s. He smoked in the race like a cigarette, drank at the pit stop for a glass of wine. However, at the 24 hours of Le Mans, he chewed gum. His Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 had captured in the course of the race, a leak in the Tank, and although Nuvolari and his team-mate Raymond summer were about a quarter of an hour at the Box, could not be repaired the damage properly. Until one of the mechanics came up with the idea that chewing gum as a sealing material would be best suited.

So chewed Nuvolari, summer and the whole Alfa Crew in the last few hours, as wild. Still, the Alfa had eight minutes before the end of the race once again to the Box and then it was dramatic, because Luigi Chinetti, also Alfa Romeo, was shot to Nuvolari in an organization. On the last lap of a total of 233, the lead changed several times until Chinetti was slowed by a slower competitor – and Nuvolari was able to win the race with ten seconds ahead. Ten seconds after 24 hours – it should remain in place for decades, the scarcest decision in the case of this legendary race in France.

Alfa Romeo, the mother of Ferrari

A Museum that tells the story. The Museum of Alfa Romeo in Arese (I), in which I must all alone to spend a night, told to me to be particularly many, and especially beautiful stories. Because no other brand has such a chequered, and glorious history as that of the Milanese. At least a half-dozen bankruptcies and, today, Alfa Romeo is part of the once biggest competitor, the Fiat, the Piedmontese, this Turinern, the intimate enemy.

However, Alfa Romeo has also won eleven victories in the Mille Miglia, ten at the Targa Florio, was a four-Time overall winner at the 24 hours of Le Mans, two-Time F1 world champion. And celebrates its 110. Birthday. Although it had to be the Italians never with a meticulous book-keeping, perhaps, could, therefore, many of the myths invented. Also the km were at the Mille Miglia and at Le Mans, long and led through the middle of the night, that some of the beautiful Mar can be told. But probably the glitz and glamour the brand makes exactly. And I breathe in my Museum a night, I feel, I experience.

Without Alfa Romeo, there would be no Ferrari. Enzo Ferrari, the moderately successful racer, was a change in the case of Alfa, later, for a long time clerk of the course in the mail and said after the first victory of one of its own vehicles: “It is as if I had murdered my mother.” And Henry Ford, the great man of the US car industry, said: “whenever I see an Alfa Romeo, I take my hat.” And Yes, you feel awe is a large, if one enters the spacious halls of the Museum in Arese.

Smiles to the cleaning Equipe

comes as a little Boy was for me (Born in 1966) the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale (Born in 1967) is the most beautiful car in the world, and also of all times. Although you could not win with him in the car-Quartet – displacement: 1995 ccm power: 230 HP weight: 700 kg, top: 260 km/h. However, the design of Franco Scaglione, one of the most underrated Italian Designer is a stunning, Simple and beauty, makes you dizzy. And therefore, it is clear to me that I have to spend the night next to this car. And no, I’m not touching the Alfa Romeo – I’ll only touch him, deep in the heart.

As I have a 5.15 am Wake up – not because of me, the beauty makes me so nervous, but because the plaster excavation teams, I see him directly in the eyes, so in the dual headlights, and have to smile. Very satisfied, just for me.

80 years ago, over 220 km/h

It is wonderful if you have the whole Museum to yourself. Yes, I can smell the exhaust of the 33/2 Speciale, a wonderful prototype by Pininfarina. Yes, I’m a student of the extraordinary painting of the Iguana carefully, Yes, I’m sure a half hour before the Carabo, the defined wedge shape in automotive Design. And I am in awe of all the Details of the light blue 8C 2900B, probably the most spectacular vehicle of the 1930s, a race car, the finest clothes, were attracted to those years.

This rare eight-cylinder costs, because if it is one on the market of over 20 million Swiss francs comes. However, it is not the money that impresses me, but the performance of the former engineers who designed it without computers and swarm intelligence, beautiful and technically very impressive vehicles. His brother, the 8C 2900, which had led in 1938 in Le Mans after 16 hours with the never reached a lead of 148 kilometers in front of the second-placed car was more than 80 years ago, over 220 km/h fast.

This is also an advantage if you have the Museum all to yourself: You can take the appropriate literature. And can bring in order to finally order in all the Giulietta’s and Giulia’s. Having said that, I have remained at the Giulia TZ slopes. As a little Boy this design by Ercole Spada was the second most beautiful car in the world – I must soon spend a night in Arese.

VIEW author Peter Ruch also writes under www.radical-mag.com about classic Cars – not just those of Alfa Romeo.