A new type of professional beggars appeared in pandemic coronavirus infection. Beggars began to use the theme COVID-19 for tricking people.

To the people of Russia began to address the people asking for help to get out of the difficult situation in which they were, for different reasons, because of the pandemic coronavirus infection. Basically the similar cases seen in the capital.

So, in Moscow, near the metro station “Mayakovskaya” was discovered, “pregnant tourist from Brooklyn” (USA). She successfully used the story about the inability to leave Russia in may of 2020 because of the restrictions on air travel.

Says he won’t go to the police or the Embassy, as she was sent to the shelter where you are many Americans stuck, and she was pregnant. In new York he worked as a specialist in the adaptation of migrants. She managed to draw in Russia banking card. I transferred her the money, — cited the words of a local resident Natalia on the portal

When the story “pregnant women tourists from the U.S.” got on the social network, many have learned “the Brooklyn resident”. Internet users noted that all stuck because of the pandemic, foreigners have long helped to return to their homeland.

There laughed. Said that all the Americans have taken. Plus, flights to new York and works you can fly (this is true, flights a few times a week —"Komsomolskaya Pravda”). Then I saw the pictures “stuck” in the other groups. Turns out, it trades for a long time and the pregnancy she had for several years. Before just spoke bad English, and now made up the story about the coronavirus, — quotes the message

Was also discovered by a group of beggars at the Patriarch ponds in Moscow. The locals called them “a gang of swarthy”.

about ten Days ago one girl took PD (Commission on Affairs of minors — “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.). She made such a spectacle: at first said that she was only six years old, and then started yelling in a terrified voice on the street. In fact, it is, of course, twice over, — according to local residents.

Russian Roman Kudryashov, who was traveling from Moscow to Yekaterinburg, said that he had met at the airport by a couple who are unable to get to the “rescue” flight.

Flying to Ekaterinburg. At Sheremetyevo came a couple. Say, the airline suddenly canceled the flight, and they need to go home. Found another flight but no money. Believed at first because he was faced with the fact that during a pandemic, flights take off for a couple of hours the passengers are recruited. And notify by SMS. Do not return the money, but offer a voucher for another flight — gave his words on the portal

The portal reminded that it is not necessary to refuse help to people who beg on the street��TSE.

So instead of money you can offer to the poor to buy food, if the person really needs help, he will not refuse such assistance. Those who ask the money and pay for something, you can help paying the debt directly to the Bank. You can also help the needy through charitable funds or learning to the next of people who need support.

Earlier wrote that the traffic police in Rostov caught up with the wheelchair, trying to get away from the chase. The beggar begging on the road side of the Avenue Strikes at a time when burning a red light. Against beggars administrative report and fined in the amount of 500 rubles.