Former Bolshoi theatre prima ballerina Anastasia Volochkova was put up for auction its font in order to pay the penalties assigned for breaking in Diveevo. Celebrity reported it in his blog, boasting new personal plunge pool and a consistently perfect string.

Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova was in distress. In order to pay fines for breaking into the monastery in Diveyevo she decided to sell their font. About the artist announced on his page in Instagram.

“I want to set my font up for auction. Only selling my ice font will save this hopeless situation. And the proceeds will go to pay fines!” shared the idea with subscribers Volochkova.

The publication Volochkova also said that the idea came to her mind, because she gave a new named font with the initials “AB”. With what amounts to the start of the auction for the sale of the old artist said. Perhaps fearing a large number of negative comments under the post, celebrity closed to keep them. Of 1 million 200 thousand subscribers, “like” the idea of a ballerina was supported by only 8.5 thousand.

Earlier it was reported that the Tver court of Moscow has punished the ballerina for her visit to Diveyevo another penalty, which amounted to 40 thousand rubles. A few weeks earlier the same court had discharged the offender by 20 thousand Perform simple mathematical calculations, we can assume that Volochkova is going to make money by selling fonts of not less than 60 thousand.

Recall that in late June Volochkova visited the monastery in village Diveyevo, the entrance to which was prohibited. A celebrity and her companion made administrative reports. Later Volochkova demanded to transfer the case to Moscow.

After a ballerina in Diveevo detained the actor Nikita Dzhigurda and his companion. They also drew up administrative protocols.

“That is, I’m contagious to you? We need God’s love! — was indignant the artist at the moment of detention. — That is me, the mother of God brought illegally? Clear!”

In a conversation with a law enforcement officer of the least quoted verses from the poem of Vladimir Vysotsky “Police Protocol”. He also attacked the police with allegations that he violated “the laws” and offended his “sense of the believer”.

Friend the showman said that the police are checking, but they are with the artist refused to give explanations and went to the Prosecutor’s office.

“On the territory of the Diveyevo monastery has arrived a squad of police officers who are checking on the fact of passage of the us — attention! — roadblocks in a peaceful town in time of peace!” — Telegram quoted her channel “Rise”.

The footage leaked the video shows how the chair refuses to sign made him the protocols: “We have already won. The boys at anything. They perform illegal the decree of the Governor Gleb Nikitin, which I will try to removed from office for violations of the law of the Russian Federation”.

Volochkova, by the way, too promised to deal with Nikitin. Then, commenting on the situation with a ballerina, the official said that the village artist got “a roundabout way” through the fields “not without the help of local friends.”