Coronavirus pushes doctors out of the profession. The medical staff dismissed. People can not withstand the pressure from the authorities, can not accept the injustice.

a cardiologist from St. Petersburg Marianna Zamyatin is one of those who resigned in the midst of the epidemic. The woman told about the reasons for the dismissal and why the doctors are staff.

Marianne Zamyatin 20 years worked in the Alexander hospital, 13 years in St. Petersburg the St. Eugene hospital, where the treatment came a blockade from across the country. The woman was in charge of the cardiology Department. “It was a Golden time The hospital had a good reputation, the attitude towards us was a human from management and patients. But all this remained in the past, when we still do not know what is the coronavirus, says Marianna. – The epidemic has started, the situation has changed.”

– that we will throw to work with “comicname” sick, at first no one spoke. In mid-March we had a lecture on community-acquired pneumonia. The medical staff is reasonably asked: “the hospital will bring coronavirus”? There was no answer. We continued to work quietly. March 24 from the authorities received an oral order in the shortest possible time of all patients discharged. The next day, late in the evening, I was called by the chief medical officer with instruction to release all of the chamber by 10 am the next day. My colleague was up all night issued a statement. I asked the chief medical officer to help with the transportation of patients. He refused. Our patients mostly are elderly people. I barely managed to convince them to free transportation with one transport company. Of course, plenty of curses that day came to the medical staff. People are undertreated and stood in line for admission, in fact, kicked in an emergency order.

March 27 in the hospital began to receive patients with community-acquired pneumonia. First filled my office as we were near the intensive care unit. All day and all night, we took patients. Spimosi come doctors from other hospital departments, outside of their work shift out for my nurses and the nurse. We were given gloves in a small amount, pale blue robes and some masks. Authorities immediately banned the masks on the patients, since masks are not enough. Used mask was developed in a package and sent to sterilization. Then they again wore. Feeling, about how other people’s briefs to wear. Points, guards, Shoe covers were not. This morning I wrote to the commanding chat request to provide us a normal protective clothing. I was immediately “banned”. Got a call from the chief medical officer, said that I had stopped rustling. Barely bought three points of construction, gave at the office. My husband brought me a construction helmet. But costumes and masks are already in the city OSTALOS, even buy for your money it was not possible. Monday, March 30, I was removed from the management of cardiology and was transferred to work as a doctor in another ward.

On clean and dirty areas separated the hospital?

– Any division into zones was carried out. Worked in regular offices with a common corridor and toilet. There were nursing, post where were on duty nurse. Next came the order of Rospotrebnadzor about the quarantine in two parts, where lay our first patients with a confirmed “by kovida”. I had to stay two weeks in the hospital, to serve the quarantine. The husband pleaded: “be Patient. When the Germans marched on Moscow, the militia swords from the Museum were given. Bring up reserves, will provide you everything.” He is honest and law-abiding people. When my quarantine was over, I decided to stay another 2 weeks in the hospital. It was already clear how severe the infection is, but we continued to work without protection. By the time they were given only a transparent jumpsuit construction from lutrasil, absolutely meaningless, get wet immediately. Of course, to go home was afraid of bringing the plague, and on public transport I get more hours. So we stayed with four colleagues at the hospital and after quarantine. Weekend husband the car was taken home. Me and my colleague were lucky, we didn’t get sick. But the other three are sick, two are very hard. Of the employees of my Department ill, six of the seventeen employees.

You complained to the authorities?

– to Complain especially there was no one. To us no one came, nor the chief medical officer or epidemiologist, which I demanded from the first day of operation, or representatives of the CPS, nor the doctor. I didn’t even have the personal phone number of the physician – that says a lot. On the fourth week of work when in the office there were 15 patients with “kovida,” I wrote him a letter. He told the chief medical officer. To me no one has contacted. After I sent a complaint to the Governor of St. Petersburg. Response from Cosgrove came a month later, on may 18. Reported that all is well. Only at that time, all patients were taken to another hospital, no one left. What they checked is unclear.

Why doctors did not accept that kind of a strike?

– Now many have no work, so doctors tried not to lose this one. Life in medicine has taught, first give emergency help to the patient, then think about yourself; don’t take quarrels in public; the Complainants do not like. All the doctors of the family, many of the mortgage loans – not strikes. And not all immediately realized the guile of this disease. The flu worked and worked, thought, and then ride. “We have to work and not complain,” – he said to me one nurse. This��as this woman is being treated for pneumonia. Nine of the twelve nurses from her Department also at the hospital. All doctors are unanimously reasoned that will parabolae and back in. There is still reason afraid to speak out against the administration – payment of government compensation to physicians is only possible through the Commission, which included the chief. In the absence of loyalty, the payments are quite elusive.

– have been Paid?

– Heard that compensate those who had paid. But not all. Kind of cheated the lab. Girls went to complain to the authorities, wrote on the site “public Services”. According to rumors, they just laughed. As things are now, I don’t know.

“After the coronavirus doctors will be morally exhausted”

As I understand it is hard to work more psychologically than physically?

– it was not easy to work with, because much is unclear, patients who were heavy. Had the evenings to read a lot, having a disease that no one had studied.

In the end, in our hospitals died two nurses. Many ill. A St. Petersburg Deputy sent a request to the hospital, wanted to know how much accurate the number of patients doctors. Our doctor gave no answer.

it seems that all the doctors – terpily.

In civilian life more or less went well. But the epidemic has turned the situation on its head. The worst thing is when the outcome of the coronavirus, nothing for the better will not change. Doctors will be mentally and physically exhausted. The bosses gain strength. Medals orders will receive. I have no illusions. But I believe that the leadership should apologize to the staff for what you did not do anything to preserve the health of doctors. Do not think that I have a grudge against the doctor. On the contrary, he had not previously offended money, awarded diplomas, I even the excellent health of his submission received. And in civilian life was conflict-free, normally paid, arranged holidays. The epidemic has made adjustments. Even when sick, our doctors, the authorities were not interested in their health.

After your appeal to the Governor of St. Petersburg, the hospital brought up SIZ?

– Yes, after the treatment, I was told that the hospital is divided into zones, with the costumes got better, however, respirators are still not issued.

Patients who saw doctors without costumes, you sympathized with?

– of Course, I sympathized. They are not blind, see what we went as ultraviolet light around the clock sisters of the stars, as do all our bathrobes in piles on hangers in the hallway hung. It was pity that drugs in the hospital gave from the first day of the best, expensive, and physicians are left without protection.

– Now almost every hospital in writing that the required doctors. Its not enough or laid off people?

– the Need for medical personnel has increased, many physicians are ill. But I quit one. I know that Peter from the hospital only a few people left from the intercession quit a few.

What was the last straw?

on 21 April, we received another team over – all patients transported to our hospital in old Russian in the other case the people. We didn’t have time to really prepare discharge paperwork, gather your things patients. Transporting patients in an emergency mode, in normal the old firstly, the type of “Groove”. Many were from the boarding school. When they are taken outside, some scattered around the grounds, they were caught, they were screaming. One of my heavy coronavirus that patient has time to operate a public method on the heart, also wanted to carry the whole bus. I barely managed to have her hospitalized on a stretcher in a separate car. “Evacuated, as in war” – later described the experience of one of the patients of the hospital.

Already working in that hospital, on the people, I learned that the chief medical officer with temperature and a positive test came quietly into the common room, where the assembled medical staff. Let me remind you, then any division into “red” and “clean” area was not. The last straw was when the nurse returned from patients were not dropped the suit, and went directly to the infirmary. I don’t let her, explained here doctors are sitting without protection. The chief medical officer was genuinely surprised, like, what do I care, anyway, all have been ill. At that moment I realized that if I stay, just sick. I decided not to work there where I spit. The letter of resignation I signed in one day. To detain no one.

At the beginning of the epidemic, doctors were called heroes, now in address doctors flying over the accusations – why did it happen?

– I have no illusions about the attitude of the people towards us. Doctors services. Over coronavirus, about our problems forget. If people will remember only the bad – as “soon” the time has not come, that treated not the. This is the feature of our profession. We for most people just the staff, and that’s it.