Photos of the soloist Little Big Sophia Tayurskii at a young age, trapped in a access literally blew up the Network and shocked her fans: this difference between what she once was and what has become now. We contacted her friend, who knew the Church – then still a provincial girl in the very beginning of her artistic career. According to him, the first steps on the stage Sophia made at the local cultural center of a small city on the outskirts of the North.

Provincial Novodvinsk Arkhangelsk region, far North district, with a population of less than 50,000 people. It would seem that what is creativity possible in a small provincial town. However, it is the beginning of his career, Sophia Tayurskii, extraordinary soloist Little Big.

Sophia Tayurskii was born in a large family, the actress has two older sisters and a younger brother.

First, a future star along with his family lived in Irkutsk, and then moved to Novodvinsk. Communicating with friends, colleagues, classmates Sophia we have learned a lot about her. As it turned out, as a child, Sophia was extremely shy and modest, but on the stage of a simple girl turned into a true artist.

a Close friend Tayurskii Sergei korelskiy told “MK” about the past of Sophia.

– I must say that Sonya are not close friends, just colleagues and countrymen – began to tell Sergei. – In the urban cultural centre of Novodvinsk went to Sonia to start vocalo, I’ve had my recitals, where I met her and other people and groups.

What first impression on you Sophia?

– Perfect! Talented girl! Then there were joint concerts and visits in many districts of the Arkhangelsk region.

– today You deal with it?

– we Communicate very rarely, only when both arrive to statements from Moscow, and Sonya from Peter. Unfortunately, just behind the scenes may have something to discuss.

About Novodvinsk Sophia remembers?

– of Course, she was respectful to his hometown. The last time we saw her on the anniversary of the city of Novodvinsk in the past year.

– What is the Sophia in your life? Seems a bit arrogant.

– You are wrong. Sonia is a very cheerful, cheerful, kind and talented man. I am very proud that she is my compatriot and achieved such heights. She was elected to the “Little Big” in order to perform at Eurovision, but it’s worth it. I wish her creative success, patience and a lot of energy, because the fate of the artist Oh, how easy!

– Music and clips Little Big very peculiar now.

– I like them. But then, more than 10 years ago, we’ve all sung the popular song, those that liked the public to��NARTH. Now I can’t remember it was Sonia, it was so long ago. But exactly what is already in her seen a real singer.