A very normal practice to maintain a skincare routine is to rinse your face with tap water or lukewarm water thoroughly. In the morning, right after you wake up and at night before going to bed, only washing your face with water is enough for your facial skin cleansing. But nowadays there are lots of products available in the market to serve skincare purposes. The beauty industry has evolved so that marketers achieve a high profile of regular clients, to whom their products have become necessity items regardless of their side effects. The majority of masses apply different stuff to ensure skincare like serums, toner, skincare creams, moisturizers, face oil, and retinoids. Still, one should also consider its cons and side effects while using it regularly.

Avoid local and fake cosmetic products:

If you have a habit of wearing heavy makeup, then it will be alarming for your skin. You have to become extra conscious while choosing and selecting the brand of the products you are putting and rubbing on your skin.

Local and fake cosmetic products and ingredients containing harmful chemicals are readily available in the market at lower prices. While buying any cosmetic product, one should ensure that it might be safe for its intended use and adequately labeled otherwise, and it gives rise to various skin-related issues. Using low-quality makeup can lead to many mild to severe reactions such as allergic reactions, swelling, burning, and irritation, etc. So one should avoid using cheap and unknown products on the skin.

Frequently using materials on skin:

Regularly used beauty items include kajal sticks, lipsticks, lip balms, and eye-shadows that every single lady has in her purse too. Very few people know that these beauty-enhancing products contain hazardous substances like carcinogen, mercury, and neurotoxin that can affect the facial skin adversely.

We cannot neglect that these little things have become an essential part of our lives, and every day our skin is prone to such chemical preservations. So the only way to maintain healthy skin is to apply such things as little as possible and remove them properly before going to bed. Rinse the face until they get disappeared and make your skin chemical-free at least at night. Using organic and edible products for such purposes can also be a better option to ensure skin health.

Avoid too much intake of Alcohol:

Fungal infections and many other serious skin diseases can be caused by drinking too much alcohol because it weakens your immune system and makes you susceptible to such skin complications. Heavy alcohol intake can damage other body organs like the liver and kidney, which becomes the primary cause of skin infections. Some of the skin problems that alcoholism might face include itching, scalp rash, and rosacea, etc. To protect and maintain good skin conditions, one should limit the alcohol intake. 

Doing various home remedies at the same time:

If an individual is using numerous procedures to enhance the beauty of skin, then putting various things at the same time can adversely react to the skin. It is dangerous to use different home remedies at once. If you want glowing skin and are also applying a mixture to cure your skin’s oily-ness or dryness, both treatments should not be taken simultaneously.

For example, if an individual is using a remedy to cure acne breakouts by applying a mixture of essential oils with lemon juice and milk and right after its removal, spreading another paste containing ingredients like besan and turmeric powder for eliminating acne scars can cause extreme dryness to the skin which can further worsen to irritate,

sensitivity, flaking, and redness to the skin.

Using supplements without the recommendation of a dermatologist:

No doubt Vitamin D, C, E, and vitamin K supplements and oils are beneficial for skincare routine and can be extracted directly from animals and plants. They can be served in raw or cooked food form too. These vitamin-rich meals, supplements, and liquids can reduce skin redness, dark spots, excessive dryness, and wrinkles. Getting enough vitamins from various sources can keep your skin looking healthy, youthful, and glowing.

For example, you can increase your vitamin E intake by using a supplement readily available in the market known as Evion.

Evion is a supplement that can eradicate the deficiency of vitamin E in the body. People used such capsules for skin tightening purposes. Without prescribed by the dermatologist, taking it is unsafe. Only a doctor could suggest the most suitable supplement because he or she knows your health history. If someone keeps taking these capsules without the doctor’s advice, they may suffer from other complications like bleeding, stomach cramps, diarrhea, headache, dizziness and unusual weakness, etc. Excessive vitamin E intake in the form of supplements can also affect the aging process and may cause skin sagging issues.

Don’t sleep with the makeup on:

No matter how tired you are after coming back home from a party, wedding or a casual friend’s gathering, you have to wipe your makeup properly with makeup remover and wash your face with some herbal soap or liquid. Famous beauty and cosmetic experts and influencers have admitted that keeping the makeup on during sleep all through the night affects the skin negatively and increases skin aging exponentially. Therefore, removing makeup before going to bed at night is essential if you want to maintain a healthy skincare routine.


In order to maintain a perfect and healthy skincare routine, you must pay attention to the warnings mentioned in the article above.

Herbal and organic products are the best to apply in moderation on your skin with a proper routine.

If you don’t overdo the application of many products on your skin and eat unhealthy foods, then surely you’ll be able to take proper care of your skin.