The federal government’s fuel discount for motorists comes into effect on Wednesday. But the prices at the gas stations have risen to well over two euros in the last few days. The ADAC accuses the mineral oil companies of cashing in and letting the discount dry up.

A day before the temporary reduction in fuel taxes came into effect, the ADAC criticized the petroleum companies for the current fuel prices. For example, on Tuesday morning in Cologne up to 2.28 euros were required for a liter of Super. Katrin van Randenborgh from ADAC told RTL/ntv: “Neither the price of crude oil nor the dollar justify fuel prices at this level. In this respect, cash is obviously being made here.”

When asked whether the so-called tank discount was popular with consumers, van Randenborgh said: “The political and public pressure is enormous. He’ll arrive. Only: To what extent and whether the tax cuts will be passed on in full – that is open. I am very happy that not only the ADAC, but also the Federal Cartel Office is taking a close look and increasing the pressure even more. (…) That has been neglected in recent years.”

Inspection is a matter of trust. ATU checks according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The manufacturer’s guarantee remains fully intact!

Drivers should be careful about tomorrow, van Randenborgh continued: “In any case, drivers should not completely empty their tanks today. Because it is not agreed that there will be bottlenecks tomorrow, that there will be queues, that you will not be able to drive to the gas station and fill up your car as usual. Otherwise, an economical driving style is advisable.”

The director of the Institute of German Economics (IW), Michael Hüther, has criticized the fuel price reduction as a regulatory error and the wrong instrument against high fuel prices. “In terms of regulatory policy, politicians should only intervene in the market if the price increase is due to abusive market power,” said Hüther of the “Augsburger Allgemeine” on Tuesday. In principle, watering can effects are “bad and intervention in pricing should always be the last resort of politics”.

From Wednesday, the energy tax on fuels will be significantly reduced for three months. The tax rates for petrol are reduced by 29.55 cents per liter and for diesel by 14.04 cents. The measure is part of the federal government’s relief package, because fuel prices have risen sharply in recent months.

Deutsche Bahn sold a total of around 38,000 9-euro tickets on which no name was printed. The nameless tickets were apparently only sold in Munich. Customers should now add the name themselves.

Sparkasse is currently warning its customers of a new scam. According to a phishing attempt, users are about to face an alleged changeover. In reality, the attackers only want to get their victims’ data.

Two dead people were discovered on Monday in a remote house in Neustadt am Rübenberge near Hanover. Traces at the site suggest that both died violently.