At least one person died as Typhoon Maysak hit South Korea early on Thursday, knocking down traffic lights and trees, smashing shop windows, flooding streets and causing other damage.

The typhoon made landfall at the port city of Busan on the southern coast of the Korean Peninsula, bringing heavy rain and lashing winds of up to 170kph (105mph) with it.

A woman was killed in the city after the wind shattered the windows in her apartment. In another incident, a man suffered serious injuries after being crushed by an outdoor refrigerator, which was brought down by strong wind.

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More than 2,200 people had to be evacuated to temporary shelters to escape the disaster, while 120,000 residents were left without power. Flights were canceled or delayed.

another typhoon and this is what happened in busan

The Korean Peninsula typically sees only one typhoon per year, but the weather has been testing it in 2020.

Typhoon Maysak hits Busan. Photo credit: Yonhap

The affected areas in Busan and Jeju Island were still recovering from last week’s Typhoon Bavi. But there’s another tropical cyclone on the way, with Typhoon Haishen, which is brewing south of Japan, expected to reach the Korean coast on Sunday or Monday.

We were very lucky to escape the worst of Typhoon Maysak last night. Sadly, we lost two of our trees and there was some minor damage to the perimeter fence. Our maintenance team have been hard at work since dawn making sure the campus is clean, tidy and safe for students today.

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