In Russia more than doubled the sale of goods for the sport. Relevant data, presented the fiscal data operator “Platform CRF”, reports RIA Novosti.

compared to the year 2019 for the period of mode isolation, introduced to combat the coronavirus, the sales volume increased by 133 percent and the number of purchases by 34 percent. An average basket of goods rose 74 percent to $ 4929 ruble.

it is noted that the average cost of goods related to electronics amounted to 6698 rubles, which is 41 percent higher than last year. At the same time, the Russians were less likely to buy such items: the number of acquisitions fell by 28 percent, however, sales showed an increase of two percentage points.

Data were obtained on the basis of the analysis of sales with more than 900 offices throughout Russia.

In mid-April, “Taxcom” estimated that sales of sports goods in Russia compared with last year increased by 53 percent. On average, each purchase during the period from 1 March to 5 April 2020 at a cost to the Russians in 4.4 thousand rubles. The greatest demand is elastic fitness band (45 percent more purchases), weights (plus 44 percent) and mats for sports (plus 31 percent). It also sold 23 percent more sports weights.