Hesalight-founder Lars Nørholt is in the court of appeal sentenced to seven years in prison. It is a hard judgment, ” says the prosecutor.

the Eastern high court judgment of seven years in prison for the founder of lampevirksomheden Hesalight, Lars Nørholt, lands among the allerhårdeste convictions for economic crime.

It tells specialanklager Jørn Thostrup from SØIK, the fraud squad.

– Seven years in prison is a very harsh judgment, in Denmark, he says, and points out that in recent times not to have seen a higher penalty.

the Penalty is in line with the judgment in the case against erhvervsmanden Stein Bagger, who confessed the fraud for over 800 million dollars in IT Factory, which ended up going bankrupt.

the high court’s ruling against Lars Nørholt is the parent of a confirmation of the byrettens judgment, where he also was sentenced to seven years in prison.

In the court of appeal is Nørholt convicted of economic crimes for over 600 million dollars. It is about 200 million crowns more than in the district court.

He is among other things convicted of aggravated fraud for 562 million dollars. It is, among other things pension funds, which are been duped with misleading accounts.

Jørn Thostrup is satisfied that the high court judge for more than the district court did.

– in addition to the false contracts there were also inserted some statements of intent – in other words, some non-binding agreements of the company.

– The non-binding agreements made that also a former accounts were misleading. This was also the first buyers of the bonds misled, says Jørn Thostrup.

Although the high court judge for a greater amount, says the penalty still to seven years in prison.

– It is a hard judgment, and we are obviously pleased with the from the prosecutor’s side, says Thostrup.

the district Court chose to judge Lars Nørholt after a particular section, which may increase the penalties in particularly serious cases. The section has the high court not chosen to use, but the sentence sounds so the same.

– was not that it was necessary to quote this here strafskærpende provision in the penal code, section 88, says the prosecutor.