Wevelgem, and What a great holiday it had to be turned out in a coronaquarantaine for more than two months in a row. Easy Verroken (66), from Antwerp, and his wife, Greta (Deblauwe (64) are currently already in the beginning of march to an apartment in Tenerife and as it looks now, they will only be in may, back to the house. “We have to make the most of it, there are worse places to be stuck.”

is an Easy as well as Greta from Antwerp to his retirement, and to attract every year to go on holiday to the Spanish Original. What will this year be a peaceful holiday, it will be turned into a long adventure. The couple, from Antwerp, together with the sister of his wife, and her friend, until at least may 11, in their apartment in Costa del Silencio, in seventy kilometers from the capital, Santa Cruz. “At the beginning of our journey, and on the 4th of march, the coronacrisis have already exploded, but we didn’t know what we were thinking,” says Ronny. “The people who have already stayed at, and the owner of the apartment said that it was all so very much and we certainly were able to leave. A flight attendant who we are at council has asked, and thought that it was not such a vessel would have to walk.” An easy as well as Greta tried it on, and it, along with Greta’s sister and Her and her friend Franky, they continued in the direction of the sun.


“at The beginning of our holiday, everything went in a peaceful way, but in a moment the island is in lockdown and closed all of the stores. A moment later, we received a message that our flight was cancelled,” says Ronny. “Then you’ll start making some calls and we were told that we had to register at the website vanTravellers, ensuring that the government knew where we were. Tour operator TUI repatrieerde, a number of people, but we were not one of them. I don’t think that only the people who have the full package, had purchased a home were, as we only have a plane ticket booked for the reismaatschappij.”

The Gullegemnaar went to the consulate in Santa Cruz and it was put on a waiting list. “However, that does not help, because we’re still here. It was an opportunity to go to Madrid to fly, but it is in the center of the coronabesmetting. Do you need a flight to Charleroi will be able to book on the 11th of may, and hopefully we can go home.”