Zakharova: the evacuation of the Russians from the Philippines will go down in the history books

First, 450 of our compatriots stuck on different Islands of the archipelago, flew to Moscow with airline Air Azur, a few days later for the remaining tourists, mainly from the island of Boracay and other resorts – flew the special flight “Yakutia Aero”, has already landed in Vladivostok. He brought from the Philippines 171 people. “I think the operation to deliver Russian citizens from different Islands of the country in Cebu (a province on the same island, from which flew both flights – approx. “RG”) may enter the textbooks on the actions of the embassies in emergency,” wrote Zakharova in Facebook.

Photo: REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji the Russian foreign Ministry and the Embassy have informed the Russians about the return home

the fact that in the conditions of state of emergency that is declared by the Philippines government in the outbreak of coronavirus, moving around the country, especially foreigners proved almost impossible. According to Maria Zakharova, the employees of our Embassy were collected among Russians in a “complete cessation of passenger service on the archipelago, disorders of communication and total confusion in the country.”

At the airport in Cebu they were taken on buses, on boats Philippines coast guard and even airplanes and helicopters to the local forces, with whom the Embassy has been negotiating. The second stage of evacuation was no easier, as quarantine measures in the archipelago was constantly tightened. On Luzon (the largest island of the Philippines where the capital Manila – approx.RG) people were taken to the Embassy the bus with a special permit from the most remote corners, noted on Smolenskaya square.

“the Diplomats of nine hours driving one way to get the Russians – they wouldn’t have gotten out, as the movement was banned,” – said Maria Zakharova. Prior to this, the tourists remained virtually held hostage in their hotels, where foreigners are forbidden to go. However, even to buy food, they were nowhere 28 March closed down not only food service establishments, but most of the food.

Photo: Vitaly Belousov/RIA Novosti Zakharova told the Russians to benefit from the isolation

“Honey, we have become almost relatives compatriots!.. I’d like to hope that our sleepless nights were not in vain, and we were able to make happy hundreds of Russian families…good health and good luck, see you in the Philippines!” – turned to the Russians diplomats on his page on Facebook, which over the past two weeks has turned into a real crisis headquarters.

“Thank you for your professionalism and human attitude to all of us, your live for us was the confidence that we will be back home and seeing your families, in your words and actions felt concern for each of us, a desire to help”, “thank you very much for your work and kindness with which you treated us!”, “Bravo to the Embassy! Your patience and hard work are impressive” – write the grateful tourists already out of the house. And some recognize that video sessions with employees of the Russian Embassy in the Philippines they will even be missed.