A man in the USA spent 30 years in prison for murder. Now the 59-year-old is running for city council. 

Michael B. (59) is running for city council in Palm Bay, Florida. However, his CV is different from what we are used to from people in politics. The 59-year-old was convicted of murder in Massachusetts and served 30 years in prison, reports Fox News Digital. 

State records reveal that Michael’s girlfriend hired him and two other friends to kill her violent ex-husband. He had a $300,000 life insurance policy. The friend then wanted to share this with them if they helped with the murder. At the age of 19, the now 59-year-old was convicted of murder.

He commented on the crime to “Fox 35”: “I protected a woman and I accepted the consequences for that. I’m not crying about it. I’m not complaining about it either.” The 59-year-old is further quoted as saying: “I broke the law and had to serve the time.” According to “Fox News Digital,” Michael B. claims that he never wanted to kill the man.

Topics that Michael B. is committed to, according to “Fox 35,” include supporting young people at risk and providing more resources for the police.

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