The car is In the back of a moving car, fell down, and fell asleep as a passenger: up to now, it has been banned, but the BMW has a seat designed, which this is, however, safe and sound uses. At the end of this year, the armchair is available with the BMW X7, and in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer to comply with the legal requirements.

after its chair, the extra plush cushions provide, and also the new is in the chair, a built-in indicator, that is, the landscape, the passenger, as it were, to embrace the case of a possible collision. Further, the housing of the seat belt is not – as usual – will be in the door jamb is built in, but the seat itself. The chair is in the reclining position, moves the belt along.

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The seat, a seat back that up to sixty degrees in a full lying position, can rotate, and at the end of this year, is available in the X7, the largest SUV from BMW. That is, it is not without reason that the new chair takes over in a car and quite a lot of space. It is especially designed for the next generation of automotive and BMW programs.

BMW calls it, the chair ZeroG Lounge, and the passenger will feel as if he has to break free of the pull of gravity, as well as a space to happen. The sun visor has a screen for the infotainment system built into them, so that the passenger is lying, a movie, or a tv to watch. In order to prevent motion sickness, but it is also a specially developed animation will be displayed, allowing you to, for example, less likely to experience dizziness in the corners. The price of the new option on the new C7, it is still not known.