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Koronaviruset was first detected in Wuhan. 23. January was millionbyen closed for entry and exit, to prevent infection.

China are now experiencing increasingly fewer infections, and 8. april get documented healthy persons leave the city which has now become known as “the epicenter for korona”.

Liu Yan (36) is one of them going out of town Wednesday. He is looking forward large, but manages not to cheer just yet.

When I finally is out of here, I must be two weeks in quarantine in Beijing, before I get to hit my son, ” says Liu, the Norwegian broadcasting corporation NRK.

WALKING: IN residential areas where there has been infection in a while, people drop out for a couple of hours to the day,

Photo: NOEL CELIS / AFP Good shape

Liu was on a business trip in Wuhan when he suddenly became ill and had to be operated. His two parents came to support him, and all three were trapped in the city when the government imposed a lockdown.

He and the parents were very afraid when they understood that the hospitals were crowded and could not accept more patients.

It says that they almost can not believe that they are come from it in good shape.

my Son was six months when I left. He knows me, certainly not now, but when I finally am out of quarantine I’ll keep him in my arms all the time, and be with him so much I just can, ” says Liu.

The three have had to obtain documents that they are korona-fresh, in order to purchase tickets out of the city.

the Authorities also require that the along the way must produce a green, “had” signal on the app, which is introduced for the population.

ISOLATED: Many of the residential areas in Wuhan is still closed

Photo: ALY SONG – Worn-out

Also not Tian Xi, from Yingchen, is the yr of joy. It has chapter been too tough, and the challenges are not over.

I’m exhausted, and just want to home and sleep, ” says Tian to NRK.

He went to Wuhan as a volunteer, and when he finally comes home, he must both in the quarantine and on the jobbjakt. It is difficult to find paid work before China comes to the hooks again.

Also, suspect he that the lungs his is damaged after to have had on a mask many hours every day, and that he is to experience health challenges in the time to come.

TESTED: A construction worker in Wuhan, tested for COVID-19

Photo: CHINA DAILY / Reuters Barricades

People who travel out from Wuhan can also get to experience the challenges on the way, and not necessarily be welcome. When Hubei opened the gates there were clashes on grensebroen to naboprovinsen.

Wuhan and China is not had even if the barricades are taken down. The country tries to balance the need to get the economic wheels in motion, and at the same time prevent the spread of the virus.

China commemorates the victims of the korona

A person in Wuhan, who went to the doctor for checkups 30. march, was detected the virus despite the fact that he had not had any symptoms the last two months.

Many of the city’s residents are still behind the barricades, and the need to be there for everyone in the residential areas are declared free of korona. A part is isolated because they are not rid of the symptoms.

Some have also tested positive for the second time, after they survived the fever and was sent home from the hospital.

BARRICADES: Wuhan has been closed to the exit side 23. January, and is now opening slowly up the

Photo: ALY SONG Release out two hours every day

most will now drop out two hours each day to do the essentials to-do list, if your residential area has been declared epidemic-free.

It means that none of them living there has tested positive the last fourteen days, that no one of them is a suspected infected, and no one has had contact with someone who is infected.

77 housing developments have not yet gained this status.

Wuhan has so far reported around 50,000 infected. 2500 have died of the disease Covid-19, and five hundred people are still hospitalized, writes the South China Morning Post.

PROTECTION: protective clothing is not an unusual sight in China these days. These are on the street in Wuhan.


On the alert

China has sent out information that the diplomats, who is not in the country, have to wait until 15. may before they come back, with the following explanation: Even though they have diplomatic immunity, they are not immune to the virus.

28. march closed China to the borders for foreigners, for fear that koronaviruset should come as a boomerang back from other countries.

Chinese citizens are still welcome home, but must bear the financial burden for the return journey and two weeks in quarantine in hotels or centers, authorities place them on.

There has not been any signals on when the schools will open again. It is also not come a date for when the national people’s congress to go off the stack.

Both of these milestones will be signals that the country’s authorities feel confident that the country is tolerably had.

Until that happens, China is in the highest degree, on guard.

EVENING: Korona also affects the evening in Wuhan

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