For the last time, Patrick Esume and his crew were live at Ran’s TV studio in Munich on Sunday. Together with Jan Stecker and Max Zielke, the Hamburger moderated the AFC and NFC Championship and thus Ran’s last NFL broadcast in Munich.

On Monday, Esume then posted a reel on Instagram from his last day in Munich. “Eight years, it was a great trip,” says the post with the caption “Goodbye, ransport crew in Munich”.

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Background to the farewell: Starting next season, “ProSieben” will no longer broadcast the NFL after RTL secured the TV rights for the American football league.

Numerous users commented on the post. “Thank you for everything you did there! Because of you, this sport has become so big in Germany! Each and every one of you can put that in bold letters in your vita!” writes one user. “Will miss you very much…thanks for a great time,” writes another.

How things will continue with Esume and the Ran NFL crew around Christoph Dommisch, Volker Schenk, Björn Werner, Stecker and other experts and whether they will switch to RTL is unclear at the moment.

The Pro Bowl and Super Bowl LVII on February 12 between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs is still running on ProSieben. The moderators, commentators and experts are then on site in Glendale, Arizona – also Esume. “I’m looking forward to it,” writes the 48-year-old on Instagram.

This article was written by Leonard Friedl

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