While other Formula 1 teams repeatedly brought minor updates over the course of the 2022 season, Haas relied on a different strategy. The US troops only brought a larger package once in the summer. In retrospect, team boss Günther Steiner questions this approach.

In an interview with ‘auto motor und sport’, Steiner explains: “I think at the beginning we were very well prepared compared to the other teams because we just developed [the new car] longer.” Kevin Magnussen scored points in three of the first four races of the 2022 season.

But then, according to Steiner, “perhaps things were developed a bit in the wrong direction.” Because in the first half of the season, Magnussen and teammate Mick Schumacher only finished in the points at Silverstone and Spielberg.

That could also be because the big update only came at the last race before the summer break in Hungary, Schumacher didn’t even get it until the end of August in Spa. “Perhaps I would decide differently now,” admits Steiner with regard to the strategy.

You should probably not have brought “one big” update, “but several small ones, like everyone else did.” In addition, for example, the weight issue was neglected too much at the beginning of the year, the team boss admits.

“We should have done more,” says Steiner, because every gram saved is reflected “immediately” in the lap time, unlike with complex updates to the aerodynamics. “These are not accusations against anyone – but against myself,” emphasizes Steiner.

Particularly bitter: With the big summer update, Haas only scored twice by the end of the season. At the home game in Austin, Magnussen finished ninth, plus a point from the sprint in Brazil, where the Dane surprisingly took pole.

“Very little actually happened after the summer break,” says Steiner angrily and admits: “I was a bit disappointed.” At the same time, however, he also emphasizes that the update strategy is not the only reason for falling behind. “There were several elements,” he clarifies.

“I think all vehicles with Ferrari engines slowed down a bit during the season,” he cites as an example. In the end it was a “combination” of different things. “All these little things just threw us back,” says Steiner.

“Of course, we also had to be careful with the budget,” he says, adding that he remembers: “The accidents [from the first half of the season] didn’t help.” Among other things, Schumacher disassembled the Haas twice in Saudi Arabia and Monaco.

“There were millions and [at some point] you run out of money,” said Steiner, who reveals that luckily more money was raised during the season. “Otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to bring any upgrades at all,” the team boss clarifies.

Haas ended the season in eighth place in the World Championship. For 2023, Steiner is aiming for sixth place. In order to achieve this ranking, however, the updates must be better than last year.

This article was written by Ruben Zimmermann

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