Manuel Neuer attacks the Bayern bosses. But the focus of his criticism is clearly Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann. Working together seems unthinkable after the Neuer attack.

Manuel Neuer has spoken! And how! Almost every syllable of his reckoning bears the word highly explosive. When asked about the release of his long-time goalkeeping coach Toni Tapalovic, he explains: “Everyone in our goalkeeping group was torn to pieces.” There are almost barbaric comparisons that Neuer made several times in an interview with the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” and the online portal “The Athletic”. pulls.

The question of why seems all the more unavoidable. Why does such an experienced footballer, world goalkeeper, world champion, allow himself to be carried away in such statements in public? What does Neuer want to achieve? Neuer gives the answer indirectly himself. Every single needle prick, every single slip is aimed primarily at one person: Julian Nagelsmann.

The Bayern coach becomes his player’s verbal voodoo doll. After all, it was Nagelsmann who complained about the lack of cooperation and was therefore responsible for the end of Tapalovic. Neuer’s damage spell is said to make Nagelsmann’s life at Bayern even more difficult. affect him negatively. And in the best-case scenario, get them “out of the way”. “It was a blow for me – when I was already on the ground. I felt like my heart was being ripped out. That was the most brutal thing I’ve experienced in my career. And I’ve experienced a lot,” he says.

Words without room for interpretation. And especially words that won’t just magically disappear. Even if Neuer drops the term “professional”. This interview will immediately strain the cooperation between Neuer and Nagelsmann. And certainly extend to the cabin.

Because Neuer has been the captain in Munich since the summer of 2017. He is considered an institution in Munich and part of the Bayern family. Neuer also confirmed this in the interview and ruled out Nagelsmann without further ado. “At Bayern Munich we want to be different – a family. And then something happens that I have never experienced before. It’s a sad thing for everyone: for the club, for Tapa, for the staff and for all the goalkeepers, including me.”

In certain phrases, “we” can also make you very lonely. If Neuer has his way, Nagelsmann’s banishment will take place sooner rather than later. In any case, the Bayern bosses are now faced with an urgent decision: Neuer or Nagelsmann?