residents of the Japanese Prefecture of Miyagi had seen in the sky a very strange unidentified flying object in the local police received more than a hundred calls about this, in social networks there appeared a lot of pictures and videos of UFOs. The object is a sphere, under which hangs a “Ghost” of the cruciform. And it’s not like a weather balloon.

the First object I saw a resident of the city of Sendai. It so stirred this spectacle that the man called the police. And then the calls started to roll. The government of Miyagi Prefecture contacted the relevant departments, as well as the military and scientists to figure out. did not run anyone for such a probe. Positively no one answered – the met office said that nothing like that they are not used.

In the form of a UFO – a white ball attached to it with a strange cross, on which the spinning semblance of screws. In addition to ordinary citizens, it was fixed services at the local airport, he was flying at an altitude of 2000-3000 meters.

the investigation of the origin of the flying object continues.