According to the Austrian model has decided the Thuringian city of Jena, soon to be a mouth – and nose protection made mandatory. The service health of the municipality of Jena had called for action to eliminate the risk of Infection by droplet infections. When exactly the action should take effect next week, on Tuesday is still up for discussion. Sure, the city politicians are only: The obligation is to come.

First step was the introduction of the duty to Protect the way planned, says Kristian Philler, Pyrex press Secretary, in an interview with FOCUS Online. “They start is to apply public transport, in shops and in the buildings of the public transport, where the minimum distance cannot be guaranteed. Then, after Easter, she also places of work in force“. The scheme will initially 19 to of the. April apply. “We assume, however, that the obligation still remains no longer exist,” according to Philler.

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in addition to respiratory protection masks are allowed in the scarves and shawls

in addition to respiratory protection masks should also be allowed temporary protection, as long as you cover the mouth and nose. Philler stressed: “It comes to medical masks. Also self-made masks, scarves, or blankets are fine.“ Of course, a cloth would provide, in any manner, the same protective function as a medical Mouth guard. However, one has to differentiate between the medical and the private sector, where one tries to eliminate as many as possible infection foci. “We are Convinced that simple protection measures are effective,” explains Philler. For people who could afford to for financial reasons, no Mouth guard, were it not for Crowdfunding campaigns. There, people could donate money or even-sewn masks. These would also be social stations distributed.

penalties threaten in the case of violations of the new regulation. “People without protection are no longer in public transport or in shops. You will be denied in this case, the inlet. A criminal catalogue, eliminating the need for. There is no control,“ says the spokesman, and pointed out that in Jena so far, no fines due to Corona-legislation, prohibition of, for example, the Contact, absolutely had to be.

“, We assume that the government will follow the example of Austria,”

to introduce The idea of a mouth and nose guard duty, was created after an analysis of the Department of health. The experts had dealt with the Corona-control strategies, which had led in other countries such as South Korea or Hong Kong to success. Obligatory agreements with other cities, the Land of Thuringia or the Federal government had not given accordingly.

Nevertheless, Jena is in constant exchange with the other Lord mayors in Thuringia: “We will inform the others about what we do and to take that a Thuringia-wide duty is to come”, explained Philler. Also at the Federal level, can imagine Philler that: “We assume that the government will follow the example of Austria. We find the duty of Protection properly, because the Increase in the infection curve is prevented.“

In Austria, applies from Wednesday the obligation, in super markets, a mouth – and nose protection. The supermarkets will take over the distribution of the masks. In the medium term, the protection should also be worn when travelling in Public.

chances for healing, protection measures? Infections Lodge answered the questions of the FOCUS Online User FOCUS Online chances for healing, protection measures? Infections Lodge answered the questions of the FOCUS-Online-User