The online retailer wants to take over 47 Kaufhof branches, mainly in medium-sized cities. The concept should be similar to that of Galeria. Here is the complete list.

Since Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof initiated the second insolvency procedure within two years at the end of October, the current 131 branches of the last large German department store group have faced an uncertain future: the company wants to give up at least a third of them for the planned conversion to Galeria 2.0. has now shown what that could be and how things will continue with them: The online retailer wants to take over 47 branches.

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Markus Schön, CEO of, publicly confirmed the interest in an ntv interview. The online retailer wants to transfer its business to stationary retail, said Schön. Without his offer, most of the targeted branches would probably be closed because they are currently making losses: “But it doesn’t have to stay that way.”

His concept will make the locations profitable again through improvements to the range and presentation, said Schön. However, the branches should not be called, as they will offer a wider range of products. Schön also does not want to continue the names Galeria, Kaufhof and Karstadt.

“We definitely want to take on all employees in the branches,” said Schön in an interview with the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger. “The employees are the greatest asset.”

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Galeria insolvency administrator Arndt Geiwitz has signaled interest in the following locations:

It remains to be seen whether will actually take over these locations. “It’s not a wish,” said Schön to ntv. He will discuss his wish list with Galeria insolvency administrator Arndt Geiwitz in the course of the week. This had announced tough cuts that should only leave a core of the 131 department stores.

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