Legally Russia can enter into the composition of the investigative group on the case of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing MH-17. This statement was made by the Dutch lawyer Sabine ten Doeschate, during the resumed hearings in the Netherlands about the crash of an airliner. Her argument: Russia has signed the UN Convention against transnational organized crime, therefore, has the right to be involved. However, as explained “MK” expert – it is important to understand in what status we will be part of the international investigation team.

However, the investigators still continues to ignore Russia’s loans facts the true causes of the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing MH-17 over Ukraine. International investigative group, which, by the way, leads the Ukraine, but not Malaysia, is adamant: the plane was shot down by a missile complex “Buk”. She was allegedly delivered to the Donbas from the 53rd brigade of anti-aircraft missile brigade of the Russian Armed forces, which was stationed in Kursk.

And this despite the fact that Russia has long supplied the investigation with a unique data. For example, detailed calculations and documents from the Russian defense Ministry, the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, as well as a number of enterprises of the military-industrial complex. Namely, the Russian side has provided the materials of experiments with the missile defense complex “Buk”, has published the data about the affiliation of the missile Ukraine, a number of which the investigation team was provided.

meanwhile, it is noted that the investigation has effectively stalled. Indicates that only 30% of the wreckage was collected and the wreck remained no cordon and security. That could lead to loss of evidence, or, alternatively, to trumped-up evidence.

And now hear the call to include Russia in the investigation team. And this despite the fact that the Russian side offered itself to go there in 2015. What is behind the reports of a possible invitation of the Russian side in the process of the crash of MH-17, said military expert, former member of the Commission for the investigation of aircraft accidents Alexei Leonov.

– If we invite the investigation team officially, must identify us status. If we go as full participants, they must adopt our previously provided unique evidence. If our evidence will be taken by the investigation, and accepted as objective, then it makes sense to join the investigation team to enter an international Commission of inquiry. Moreover, it is not just an objective, but the main. Because the investigation is still no clear version. For many years all stalled, and the end – edge is not visible – all the arguments fall apart. Also consider that besides Russia, there have to invite Malaysian side. As we all know, the Malaysian Stparties is the deciphering of the black boxes. And precisely, we shall no longer blame plaiting some installation “Buk”, imported from Kursk.

Tell me, does this mean that came a sort of thaw towards us in this matter?

– it is difficult to say. However, some trends in Europe still have that push to revise some decisions.

What do you mean?

– it is No secret that some of the decisions and positions were imposed from the outside. And now there is a trend to review. Yes, it is too early to talk about something specific, but hints of a thaw really is. However, frankly, that the investigation of MH-17 have long been stalled. They can not on the data that they have to finish the investigation into the crash of an airliner. This may be the reason that the Russian arguments, which emphasize the objective and unique, I will help them out and to put a stop to this fair, and not imposed on the view.

what is this imposed, in your opinion, such point?

– to Make Russia the culprit in the crash! But time has shown that this far-fetched version is weak and constantly falling apart. Because there is no, even indirect, of fact.