Vadim Boyko worked in a recruitment office in Vladivostok in eastern Russia. He was quickly blamed for the many problems there. His superiors ducked. After two months he shot himself.

Colonel Vadim Boyko is dead. The employee of a recruitment office in Vladivostok (eastern Russia) killed himself on November 16. His wife Yulia has now written an open letter to President Vladimir Putin. In it she explains why her husband killed himself.

“On 9/16/2022 a unit was set up to organize the recruitment. My husband – Colonel Vadim Boyko – was in charge of organizing the reception and accommodation of the recruits. “At that time nothing had been organized,” writes Yulia. “There were a lot of problems at the beginning. Fights broke out, the recruits drank a lot Alcohol. Discipline was bad.”

Her husband tried to address these issues. But he fell on deaf ears with his superiors. Instead of helping him, they ducked away and sometimes called in sick. “During this time, Vadim hardly slept at home, worked constantly, never complained.” But then her husband slowly understood what game was being played. He was left alone with the tasks, only to blame him for any mistakes afterwards.

“He was chosen as a scapegoat,” his wife wrote in a letter to Putin. He would be the one to be blamed for poorly equipped recruits. And that’s how it happened. “On November 14, a commission came to review complaints. They said it was clear who was responsible and that it was impossible to talk their way out of it.”

The inspection revealed many weaknesses that Boyko had previously reported to his superiors. But Boyko was given full responsibility. “They told him that he had to pay 100 million rubles (about 1.6 million euros) because he lost and destroyed state property. In addition, he is being investigated.

His wife writes: “My husband realized that no one wanted the truth. Nobody wanted to fix the bugs. They just wanted to sit in their seats of power. The army, to which he had dedicated his whole life, failed him.”

Boyko went to the office on November 16, his wife writes. He sat down in his manager’s chair. And shot himself. “He wanted to send a signal. To the leaders of the Russian Federation. That a disaster will happen. That something has to be done. That the motherland is in danger.”

Yulia writes to Putin: “I urge you to ensure justice. Hold accountable those directly or indirectly involved in this death. Fulfill my husband’s last wish: take care of those who, through their inaction, have weakened the defense capacity of our country and wanted to shift the responsibility for it onto my husband.”