The fourth wife of Viktor Proskurin Smurova, Irina explain why expel from the apartment of the actor on Pokrovka his widow Irina Honda. The woman with whom the famous actor lived for nine years, filed two “wills” Proskurina.

Both the paper written by hand and dated 20 January 2004. One relates to a method to bury the actor: it Proskurin requests be cremated and the ashes “scattered over the water.” The other was his property, which he all without the rest, including not only apartment in Moscow, but also personal items, intellectual property rights and other unsubscribe Irina Surovoi.

Both papers fourth wife of the actor shown in “Live”, adding that Proskurin repeatedly demanded to rewrite the apartment Irina, so she got even her and her son Yura. The reason for drawing up such papers, says ex-wife of actor, was the operation on the veins, which was done Proskurina.

And that’s when I was taken to the hospital and returned home, I saw on the table two papers. So he was afraid that the operation could end badly and in advance took care of everything, believes Smurova.

Fortunately, at that time, the operation was successful, the actor lived for nearly 16 years and even three times had to sue Surovoi.

good, it should sell the apartment and divide the money between me, him and Viktor’s daughter Alexandra — said the current widow Irina Proskurina Honda.

Honda itself does not want and can not qualify for the apartment of the actor because of the small nuance. The fact that shortly before his death Proskurina couple divorced. Even legally a widow Irina Honda is not what, recognized the woman, she could not give out the body of the actor in the morgue.

Earlier reported that the widow of Victor Irina Proskurina Honda said that the only daughter of actor Alexander were recorded in his phone under the letter “C”. This letter meant “bastard.”