Navy Colonel Vadym Boyko has apparently shot himself in the Russian port city of Vladivostok. This is reported by the news portal “Meduza”. The man is said to have committed suicide out of frustration about army problems. His widow makes serious accusations against his superiors and demands that Putin himself should lead the investigation.

According to reports, the Russian colonel was found dead on November 16. Three days later, his widow wrote a letter about the reasons for his death and went public with it.

According to “Meduza” information, this is a five-page letter in which the widow of the deceased colonel complains about the circumstances in the Russian army. The accusation: Your husband did not receive any support from his superiors. He was also under a lot of pressure because problems in the Russian army were dumped on him.

The colonel lost 15 kilograms, says his wife. He had to take care of combat missions that had no chance of success. Accordingly, it was his job to coordinate combat equipment that was to be prepared for the war in Ukraine. But it was shoddy equipment. There is talk of exhibits from museums that should be sent to the front. The result: the colonel collapsed under the weight of hopelessness and suffered from insomnia, according to the accusation.

In addition, recruits had complained about the condition of the weapons under the colonel. Boyko is said to have received a penalty bill of 100 million rubles (1.58 million euros). The reason: “Loss and damage to state property,” according to his widow Julia Bojko.

The widow says that there has never been a case like this and that her husband wanted to set an example by committing suicide in order to draw attention to the abuses in the Russian military. In the end, the pressure on her husband increased to such an extent that he traveled to Valdiwostok out of desperation and shot himself in his superior’s office with five bullets from his gun, reports Julia Bojko.

Editor’s Note: Because of the media interest, in this case we decided to report on a topic that could be related to suicide. Unfortunately, it can happen that people with a depressive disposition see their view strengthened after reports of this kind that life has little meaning. If this happens to you, please contact the telephone counseling service immediately. You can find help on free hotlines such as 0800-1110111 (Protestant), 0800 1110222 (Catholic) or 0800 3344533.

The Society for Suicide Prevention also provides an overview of the offers on its website

Relatives can find help here: Federal Association of Relatives of Mentally Ill People e.V.