Why study in online courses in isolation

What do you do locked for reasons of health security within the four walls for at least two weeks, and how to manage the sudden free time?

According to the service Superjob polls of its users, 21% caught in the quarantine will still continue to work – only this time remotely. 13% will take their education with the help of online services or a virtual improve their skills. The rest plan to spend this time for yourself and family. As told “RG” the experts, this selection may be the key to all human life.

Photo: EPA 80% of Russian universities was entirely on online

the Shock is akin to what is now facing the world due to coronavirus and taken against his protective measures always lead to a very serious transformation of the economy, to the emergence of new activities and professions, warns Professor at the Institute of education HSE Irina Abankina. – Will need knowledge and skills that now very few people have. And quarantine time when they can learn. Especially since the alternative here is quite clear – people can either devote himself to some kind of systematic activity, or leave in alcoholism, family conflicts. A reasonable choice is obvious.

According to Irina Abankina, service sphere, transport are more affected than others, and the maximum changes are likely in these industries. To develop and implement these technologies, to support their work, not just to run around town with a huge backpack – need new knowledge and competences, which are now possible to learn remotely, work out in online courses. Many of these services or have lowered the price of their services, or become free.

According to the founder and Director of CEPvisa Superjob Alexei Zakharov, now the employers will be sufficient to ask one question to understand whether the applicant is an active and interested employee, or you are accustomed to sit for a salary.

– If people who are under quarantine or isolation, the first two days spent on sleep, recuperation and other idleness, it is normal, – says Alexei Zakharov. But if he devoted all the time, there are big doubts about his desire and ability to work. There is free time for self-development – it should definitely be used! And current employees being in quarantine, is to ask their superiors what wisdom they could learn from.

the experts say that the status of the certificate of completion of online courses, even the most prestigious, not too high. He does not go to any comparison with any University diploma or other educational documents. And the fact of its existence may reflect not so much on a professional level, much of the motivation of the person.

Photo: iStock In Russia, launched the portal with the list of online services to life “on remote”

– the labor Market now appears to be compressed, – continues Alexey Zakharov. – By the way, time of job search is also a good time to enhance their education. Especially this is to think about those whose jobs are soon to go. For example, in Russia, a lot of accountants, modern accounting software allows you to reduce their number significantly. And if the accountant has the opportunity to learn some related activities, it is worth doing.

Educational platform for such an influx of short-term students and are willing to actively invite to their classes.

StaticResource engineers

a couple of weeks to obtain the scientific degree in technical specialty, of course, will not work, but to make the first steps. Such professionals are in acute shortage in the domestic industry, shared his observation of the candidate of chemical Sciences, head of innovative production ZIT “the Company” Azamat Gareev.

– the Most difficult situation is in mechanical engineering and metallurgy, – the expert explains. Today it hardly probable not the main problem that stands in the way of economic development industries. We are talking about technical experts, those who directly manages the technological chain of the plant: the main process engineers, master mechanics, heads of departments and laboratories.

According to experts, specialists without a fundamental understanding of the technologies and processes cannot make the right decisions, on which depend the development of the economy and businesses.

Konkretnog successfully work from home during the quarantine

Many companies sent employees to work from home. What services to work remotely may be useful to you?

File storage

Need to share large documents, which is inconvenient to send by email to share.

Microsoft One Drive. the Vault is built into Windows 10 operating system and invoked from the menu “start”. By default, the user is available 5 GB, but if you use Office 365, then the volume is increased to 1 TB.

Google Drive. Drive offers free to use 15 GB of storage.

Photo: Alexander Ryumin / TASS in the regions is the transfer of employees to udalenku

Yandex Disk. Unlimited storage for photos at the original resolution uploaded from the phone. By default, 10 GB available, in.Odeska “Yandex Plus” also available in 10 GB and 30% off on site purchase.

Cloud Mail.ru. users have access to only 8 GB in all. No bezlimita, including downloading photos from the phone.

How to help a colleague

For several people on the same document, you can use the co-editing mode. It is available in Microsoft Office, and Google documents.

If you need assistance “here and now” – in order useful program for remote support TeamViewer – you’ll “see” what is happening on the screen of a colleague.

– Not so difficult to organize remote work on how to provide secure connectivity to corporate services from employee personal computers. The main source of information security risk – work of employees with enterprise data through shadow it tools (e.g. cloud storage) that is not coordinated with the it Department, – Timerbulat Sultangaliyev, Director of the information security practices of the company AT Consulting.

Remote meeting

To participate in the virtual meeting to the employee on remote Internet and gadget with simple camera.

Photo: iStock the fourth Day. Literature on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Google has offered users free access to G Suite. He is able to organize a conference for 250 people. “Promoperiod” because of the coronavirus will be valid until 1 July. Microsoft offers access to conferencing via Teams for 6 months.

Zoom allows you to organize a conference for up to 100 people at a time. In the free version, the duration of the meeting is limited to 40 minutes.

life Hack: for group calls it is possible to use Facebook Messenger. Connected can be up to 50 people.


Perhaps the most secure messenger is a Signal. It is very similar to such popular applications like WhatsApp and Telegram. Available in the App Store and Google Play, runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Ivan Chernousov