Why not cancel the exam in Russia

exam (mandatory final exam at school and at the same time the entrance examination to universities) working in Russia for 11 years. But the experiment of its introduction started even earlier – already in 2001 – that is, 19 years ago. According to the plans, the exam was supposed to eradicate corruption and nepotism, when the applicants were enrolled in low places “on call”, without proof of knowledge.

Photo: Kirill Kuhmar/ TASS Ministry of education: the exam this year will not be canceled

Several years passed debug: developed optimal assignments in all subjects. Thought over the mechanism of how to deliver the forms, how to work examination fee, how to pass an appeal.

In 2009, entered into force amendments to the law “On education”, which has made the exam mandatory. To obtain the certificate, you had to get at least “three” for the exam on the Russian language and mathematics. And despite the fact that some universities have retained the right to hold additional entrance examinations (for example, Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov, the “creative” universities), the exam played a “major role” for most students.

In 2010-2013 the exam there were difficulties, and even outright “failures”: leakage, attempts by teachers to complete assignments for students. But since the service did a great job on the bugs.

Today, in 2020, the exam is truly objective and transparent mechanism for obtaining a high school diploma, the selection of entrants to universities. Graduates pass the exam and have their lives taped, apply a system of data analysis based on neural networks. Leakage is excluded.

the tasks Themselves? It is no longer those short tests where you have to choose one answer and can be easily guessed. “Guess” has been removed altogether. Don’t believe? Try to take the practice exam myself (demo the option is there on the website of the Federal Institute of pedagogical measurements). You will be surprised how much you need to analyze to make the argument, in General, to include brains and to show real knowledge.

Photo: Kirill Kuhmar/TASS Tested on itself: is it Easy to pass the exam to parents

now imagine that the exam suddenly picked up and canceled. Who better than a certificate – and he gets a budget place. What to expect? Too many students bring to universities gold medal and great certificates. One of them should be taken, when the whole stream is only 8 funded places? And this on the most popular destinations of the type “global economy” are not uncommon.

And if the student studied in the best schools of the fours and the other guy went to a weak school, but at five – who have more knowledge? How to define? The acting head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev has previously spoken out on this issue.

– Coronavirus will ever end, but an objective system of admission needs to stay – he said on air of the online-marathon “Home hour.” – If you cancel the exams, we can come to a situation where graduates EN masse will bring the certificate with honors. Will collapse: the risks are that the guys who honestly show a high knowledge on the subject, will be left without a budget. We can’t let that happen.

Not just once or twice there were occasions when teachers put their Pets five in a certificate, and the exams these five knowledge not supported. Here’s a good example: last year entered into force the provision that the certificate with distinction, you need to confirm the high points of unified state examination in Russian (70 points) and mathematics (70 points profile, or “excellent” for basic maths). And once such quality certificates has become 25% less!

you Need to consider that the results of the exam is valid for admission to universities for four years. If today “to take and cancel” – the alumni and graduates of 2020 will be put in unequal conditions.

And if you give universities the right to conduct their exams? Let them select applicants, just like it was before? There is also a lot of pitfalls. The same examinations at the leading universities of the country the guys come from all regions. And just “shake off the dust” from University tasks and tickets 11-year-old also will not work. Organize your own admission campaign to universities have to literally from wheels can happen, complete chaos and confusion.

Yes, in some countries, e.g. France, the final exams in the schools were able to cancel. But the situation is completely different – the final exams in France only confirms the right to go to College. At the time of this exam French graduates already receive from the University the information about your enrollment.

Photo: Barbara Hertle / RIA Novosti Published draft of the new schedule of the exam

– the education System of France is fundamentally different from ours. They have high school is already counted as undergraduate, and then trained at the University is based on the addition of training “plus 1 tank”, “tank 2”. Students are freely gain these courses and build your own educational program. Therefore, the transfer occurs in accordance with the statements of high school students and their educational achievements in school subjects during recent years. We have a different system. If you cancel the exam, then we will destroy the motivation of graduates to the development programs of high school, lose the benchmark for admission to universities on a competitive basis.

the Final point in the discussion made just Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov.

– the Schedule of the exam is composed of: it starts on 8 June. Offers to enroll in universities according to the results of school assessments of a number of teachers and institutions is questionable. We all know what it will bring, – said Kravtsov.