some years ago I sat on a direktionsseminar with a company, which, as it now is usually in the kind of circles, comprised solely of men.

the Conversation fell on hobbies, and here it was clear that for all men was their hobby a kind of haven – away from the family and the wife.

When I asked for what they liked to do with their sweetheart in their spare time, there was awkward silence. No one could find anything. Suddenly there was a, who said:

“I may as well like to see a series with my wife from time to time.”

I remember that I thought it was so sad, and I was sincerely sorry on their and their koners behalf.

“My husband bother fortunately good to play with me,” I thought, and smiled at the thought of an episode from the weekend, where we had been together to trap a giant tree in the garden and ended up with to get a grineflip of how close it was to land in the middle of our acidic neighbors ‘ coffee table

I have chosen to remember my ex-husband as a, I was doing fun stuff with, but if I must be honest, I can also remember situations, where I clearly sensed that he was free for my company.

Situations where I as a wags puppy that would play, was rejected and had to chug off again with his tail between his legs.

Why bother men not to play with women?

I think men fear women a little – in the start because they are afraid not to turn to, and to be rejected. Later, because they are afraid of conflicts and to be put in the work…..but I also think they think we are boring.

the Men look in fact, always out to have fun in each other’s company. Men who are together with men, to laugh a lot. Why laugh men not so much with their wives?

When the men are together, so they are talking high. They are going. They challenge and compete openly to each other. They entertain and tell jokes, playing with each other, share opportunities and develop ideas. What do we do?

We lean ourselves into over the table and whispering about alvorligheder. About feelings, disappointments, and obstacles. We problematized, and analyzes, and competes in the hidden. We must keep up with – right away!

We women can learn a lot of the men and their way to be together. We can have more fun, if we instead of taking the responsibility of releasing it. If, instead of stressing about everything that needs to be done, pods the a little and is resting on the couch instead. If, instead of worrying about what can go wrong let it go wrong and laugh a little of it instead. If we instead of doing the sensible makes it fun.

We need to play more with each other, develop ideas and opportunities to get together and rehearse us in to tell more funny stories.

Maybe that even would result in, that the men of gad, play more with us. Share some of their jokes and not least their possibilities with us

Maiken Wexø

Maiken Wexø is B. T.’s head. Former TV host on MTV. She has been the head of the TV2 channels Zulu, Charlie and FRI and program director at the Discovery, with responsibility for channel 4, 5 and 6.