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Leave behind causing panic distribution, where some anonymous authors, referring to other logged-in, broadcast on “how everything really is” (hold discussions with mothers and grandmothers!), and look at the less harmless hoax. For example, in the literature.

Quarantine reading: what books choose Russians

any experience of the Russian people there is a poem by Pushkin – it is a fact. But what about the coronavirus? You will not believe, but also found. One day social media feeds were flooding the posts with a feeling intonation – “Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, being quarantined by the cholera in Boldin, speaks to us today!” And then the optimistic line that “things will work out, everything goes, leaving sorrow and trouble…” Below date – 1927 year.

Who just published these words of encouragement from the poet, from the writers to the officials. They even read out on radio and TV. But some still doubt – Pushkin Boldin sat in quarantine in 1830 and not 1827. Or here’s another inconsistency – poet “quarantini” in the autumn, and in the poem he somehow wishes us “from prison with the great holiday of spring.”

In the end, the journalists dug up the truth. The author of the lines was a poet from Kazakhstan under the pseudonym urry Grim – March 21 he posted them on his Facebook page. Without any references to “our all” and 1827. It’s already added, so to speak, people repost the rumor. Indeed – we Pushkin to build and live help! But he is not alone.

Here is an excerpt from walking across the Network, quarantine the letters of Scott Fitzgerald: “the Empty streets. Like almost all the townspeople hid in their homes, and reasonably. Now it seems fashionable to avoid public places. Even bars, as I said to Hemingway, for which he punched me in the stomach. In response, I asked him if he washed his hands. He did not wash. And even thought to deny it. He believes it was the flu. I wonder who it is said”.

Agree, stunningly relevant. And this author “The great Gatsby” written a hundred years ago – during an outbreak of Spanish flu in Europe at the beginning of the XX century! And that’s really balm for the soul: “the Administration warned all that it is necessary for a month to stock up on supplies. Zelda and bought red wine, whiskey, rum, vermouth, absinthe, white wine, sherry, gin, and, God forbid, brandy, if necessary. Please, pray for us.”

Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS Timur Bekmambetov starts a project on quarantine

fortunately, several gullible users of social networks is one of the inquisitive. So the Spanish flu was raging in Europe in 1919-1920, and Fitzgerald at this time was in America and worried about the publication of his first novel “beyond Paradise” and engagement with Zelda Sayer. In Europe, the couple moved only in 1924, at first in Italy and then in France, where he met Hemingway.

the Author of this hoax also found it turned out to be a professional writer Nick Farella, who wrote a letter to Fitzgerald to a humorous site and honestly written that it is just a parody. But, in the end, who cares about such details.

laughter Laughter, but in all this time authorities believe them to this day looking for support in the most difficult time. But still there are rules of hygiene – wash your hands and check the information.