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The who announced that it will convene an emergency Committee on Ebola, in connection with the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Almost two months in the country, there has been no new case of the disease, but in recent days they found three
In Germany, France, Spain and Italy there is a positive dynamics in the fight against the coronavirus that inspires cautious optimism. The reverse pattern is observed in Africa, where for the poorest countries
The world health organization has updated the statistics of the pandemic coronavirus. The figures are disappointing: all over the world revealed that 1.35 million cases, more than 79 thousand patients died
Who simply said that now, at the peak of the pandemic coronavirus, "to cut funding is not the time". There also did not agree with the accusation that the who initially did not require countries to close the border with China
The President of the United States Donald trump criticized the work of who in the period of the pandemic coronavirus. In his opinion, the organization is too focused on China, though funded mostly by the States
To wear medical masks for protection during a pandemic should be only to doctors and people with signs of flu, said the who. The organization noted that due to excess use of masks by the population that remedies are not enough doctors
The representatives of the world health organization said that more and more young people are infected with COVID-19 and dies of coronavirus. This is confirmed by data reported to the who from several countries of Europe
The situation with the spread of the coronavirus in Russia has been slower than in other countries. However, the peak of infection COVID-19 has not yet passed, said the who representative in Russia, Melita Vujnović
Who recorded the signs of stabilization of the outbreak of coronavirus infection in Europe. Italy and Spain are approaching the peak of disease, but imposed by most European countries, rigid restrictions on citizens to give the results
The coronavirus is transmitted not through the air and through microscopic particles of water, which exhales an infected, coughing or sneezing. According to the who, transmission of coronavirus from person to person occurs at close contact while communicating at a distance less than one meter
Used Russia measures to combat the coronavirus have been great, the country is almost ahead of its preparedness. This was stated by the representative of the who, advising the Russians to respect a distance of two meters
Cases of infection with coronavirus doctors in Russia, but they occurred not because of contact with patients. The doctors got the infection from the outside, said Minister of health Michael Murashko.
Measures that prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus in Russia, was timely and proper, said the official, who representative in Russia, Melita Vujnović. "Russia is absolutely in the trend of the recommendations of who," she said
The number of people infected with coronavirus COVID-19 worldwide increased by 209 thousand people, reported in the world health organization. According to her, the number of deaths is 8.7 thousand
In man there are seven types of coronaviruses, which are the causative agents of acute respiratory diseases. But these types are not dangerous to Pets. And Vice versa - the animals can infect a person with their infections
People infected COVID-19 can infect others after they have disappeared the symptoms of the disease. "Therefore, isolation measures should be observed for at least two weeks after disappearance of symptoms," - said the head of the who
About 81 thousand people in the world were infected with coronavirus new. This was announced by Director of the European regional office of the world health organization Hans Kluge. He added that effective treatments are not yet developed

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