Who and how to report the income

From waiting for report Photo: Alex Burlo self-employed were proposed to contribute to the pension Fund through the “My tax”

among those who are obliged to report their income, individual entrepreneurs, notaries, lawyers who established the law office. Also file a tax return needs citizens who in 2019, sold real estate, owned less than the minimum period of ownership (for-sale only housing under the new rules enough to since its purchase 3 years have passed), or vehicle received expensive gifts not from relatives or income from abroad (e.g., working in another country, while being tax residents of the Russian Federation), handed over the property to rent.

On paper and in “figure”

a Declaration can be submitted both in paper and in electronic form. In the latter case, on the website of the Federal tax service nalog.ru in the section “individuals”, you can download the program “Declaration”, which will help prepare the necessary documents. You can also use a taxpayer’s personal account. It allows you to not only submit the documents themselves, but also to trace them all.

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in 2020, taxpayers have the opportunity to submit declarations on incomes through multifunctional centers of public and municipal services (MFC). The date of such tax return shall be the date of its acceptance of the multifunctional center. Employee of the IFC at the request of the taxpayer shall affix the copy of the tax Declaration otmedhave on acceptance of documents with indication of the date.

the Form has a value

Almost every year, the tax Declaration 3-NDFL is updated. The present is no exception. In the new form of the Declaration there are important changes regarding tax deductions.

first, when calculating the deduction for the costs of medication amount paid for medicines, now specified in a separate line (previously, together with spending on medical services).

Photo: Nina zotina / RIA Novosti the Ministry of Finance explained the nuances of receiving a property tax deduction

Recall earlier deduction for the purchase of drugs can only be obtained for medicines from a special government list. You can now specify the cost of all the medications that are prescribed by a doctor and which was purchased at the expense of own funds of the taxpayer.

second, the reflection property deduction for expenses on real estate in the new form of Declaration you need to specify code “1” if we are talking about the cost of housing, or “2” if you buy a finished object.

When to pay the tax

to Pay the income tax on individuals (13%) according to the submitted Declaration, citizens will have until July 15, 2020. For those who do not submit the return by April 30th or pay taxes on time, penalties. In the first case you will have to pay 5% of the overdue tax amount for each month, but not more than 30% of this amount not less than one thousand roubles. In the second case (failure to pay personal income tax) the penalty is 20% of the unpaid tax.