DSDS juror Katja Krasavice first shot in a diss track against fellow juror Dieter Bohlen, now she takes the second shot on Instagram. She raises serious allegations against the pop titan: he was disrespectful to her. On Instagram she called him a “white, sexist guy”.

Even before the new season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” was broadcast on television last Saturday (January 28), there was the first real scandal. DSDS juror Dieter Bohlen was obviously less interested in candidate Jill Lange’s performance than in her former participation in dating shows. In relation to this, he asked her straight out after her performance: “Did you do anything sensible, i.e. normal? Or did you just graduate and then let yourself get through it?” The insult was below the belt.

In tears, Jill Lange reacted to the show in an Instagram post after it was broadcast. Other celebrities are also shocked: Many are negative about Dieter Bohlen’s comment on social media. On the day of the TV broadcast, RTL highlighted the explosive points. The streaming version was also subsequently censored.

You wouldn’t have thought that Katja Krasavice would hand it out like that. So the 26-year-old is still relatively mild shortly after the scandal: she explained to “Bild” that it was impossible to change men over 50. “Even though I fight for it every day,” she adds. The DSDS juror has probably started this fight now: a few days ago she published a rap song in which she shoots sharply at Dieter Bohlen.

In her clip on TikTok, Katja Krasavice – dressed in a tight-fitting nude outfit and leaning lasciviously against a car in an underground car park – went hard against Dieter Bohlen. So the rapper made it clear in the first few lines of her song “Baddest Hoe im Land” what she stands for: “I don’t sit in juries for a few 100k / but to defend bitches, that’s it.” She also gives the Bohlens some good advice to this world: “Don’t tell a badbitch / What she never will / Just because she’s a badbitch.”

With a look at the apparently antiquated perception of her jury colleague, the 26-year-old continued to rap: “There’s a multi-million badbitch sitting next to you at the same table / yes, you wear your slutshaming / again as usual.” She, on the other hand, would I prefer not to wear anything at all, “apart from my function as a role model”. What she means by that, she also showed in the small clip: she raised her breasts provocatively. She also did not shy away from a direct comparison with the successful music entrepreneur: “Yes, today my ass is more relevant / than any of your German superstars.”

Closely followed by Katja’s disstrack are further allegations from the 26-year-old. So she uploads a story to Instagram in which she accuses Dieter of also being disrespectful to her. “Dieter Bohlen, you old white sexist guy. Not only did you have no respect for many candidates, you also had no respect for me on the jury. You attacked people just like me. You can cut out my words, but you can never ban my mouth on my own pages!” writes Katja and apparently also rails against RTL. There is also an announcement that she wants to prove on Sunday at 2 p.m. on the TikTok platform that Dieter Bohlen is a liar. But she hasn’t revealed exactly what that’s all about.

A few days ago, Dieter Bohlen commented on colleague Katja’s diss track in an interview with radio station 104.6 RTL. However, his reaction to this is brief: “I didn’t hear that. I’ve only seen that there is such a thing. But I don’t want to spoil my day with something like that,” he explains. However, he still has a dig ready for the 26-year-old: “There are certain people and things that don’t interest me. They are on a level outside of my perception sector.”. He does not name the juror, but it seems clear that he should mean Katja with this statement. The 68-year-old pop titan also says that he didn’t even give Katja his phone number: “I don’t think I was so stupid as to give her my number.”

However, the 68-year-old will have to deal with Katja again. At DSDS there should be a total of three live shows in 2023, where the entire jury crew will also be present. According to “rnd.de”, the first will probably not take place until April 8th. We remain curious to see how the duo will behave.

In the sixth episode of DSDS, there was almost a second “through noodle gate”. This time, however, there was no big scandal and left room for the jurors to prove themselves: Pietro Lombardi stretched out on the dance floor and Bohlen gave survival tips for the singing business.

Most recently, Dieter Bohlen was criticized for his sharp statements towards candidates in the TV format “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. It has now become known that colleague Leony Bohlen’s statements also fell victim.

Most recently, Dieter Bohlen was criticized for his sharp statements towards candidates in the TV format “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. It has now become known that colleague Leony Bohlen’s statements also fell victim.

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