Which means the first in the history of USA mode of major disasters

In the US, such regimes are divided into two categories: emergencies and major disasters. Both options give the head of state the authority to assist States and territories from the Federal budget. But in emergencies the total amount of aid is limited to approximately $ 5 million, and if costs go beyond that amount, the President would then have to report to Congress. Usually the state of emergency is introduced in individual States affected by natural disasters.

Photo: ALEX WONG / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFP via Getty Images Affected by COVID-19 countries has not yet received U.S. aid

the Mode of a major disaster suggests that the damage from the incident is so serious that requires a long-term recovery programs. In this case, makes use of a wide set of programs of Federal assistance to the States or territories to restore community infrastructure on target program, including the establishment of special aid funds. The expenditure in this case is determined by the President. When it comes to state aid, it primarily refers to the possibility of the Federal emergency management Agency, which oversees more than $ 40 billion in Federal funding allocated by Congress to assist with disasters. These resources can be used, including, for the construction of hospitals and transport patients. In the United States after the announcement of trump on introduction of major disasters have already started to panic in social networks. People write that the U.S.’s close all borders and send troops into the settlements.