What you need to know when choosing between paper and electronic employment records

Ivan Ivanovich, one of the common questions from readers of “RG” – what is the advantage of an electronic work book that will benefit the employee, if they choose it?

Ivan Shklovets: go to the formation of the information of the work in electronic form, or, as we call it, electronic employment record, has a number of advantages. They can be divided into two groups: for employers and for employees.

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Among the advantages for employers can highlight the following: first, minimizing the risk of errors when filling in the work book. Labour Inspectorate during inspections reveal a lot of them. The second exception is the risk of loss of employment record. It is impossible to lose, it is formed in the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR). The third – a convenient systematization of information, especially since many already use a variety of personnel programs, which allow you to build a database and maintain it neatly and in a convenient form. Fourth – reducing the costs of personnel documents. And finally, this is a fairly high level of protection of personal data. The base is protected, the transfer of information is carried through the reinforced qualified digital signature.

For employees. In addition to minimizing the risks of errors in the workbook, this is, firstly, convenience of information, including in cases when the organization is liquidated. Sometimes this is an insoluble problem. In the presence of electronic employment record books, even in the event of liquidation of the employer, the employee can request the FIU has complete information about his career and get them.

electronic work book protected the Pension Fund of Russia, their loss and leakage is impossible

Insecond, minimizing the risk of loss or damage to employment records.

third, the ability to track the process of payment of insurance premiums. This process will be more convenient when you use “personal Cabinet” on the website of the FIU.

fourth, the convenience of obtaining information for visa, passport or a Bank loan. The necessary information can be obtained through the state services portal, a multifunctional centre for the provision of services to the pension Fund or the employer. And you can get them will be in paper form and electronic, certified by a reinforced qualified digital signature.

Sure, when their employees really feel, the majority will make the choice in their favor.

You mentioned that those who choose the electronic workbook, simplified life in the event of liquidation of the organization where the person worked. But for those who choose a paper document, the employer still monthly will transfer all information to the FIU, as well as about those who choose electronic. Does this mean that the owners of paper books eventually will also be able to receive electronic data in the event of bankruptcy of the employer?

Ivan Shklovets: Information about labor activities will be formed in respect of all workers, including those who decided to save the work book. However, provided the following information in the new format are those employees who decide to use the electronic employment record. Others will be able to obtain copies of documents in the same format. This may encourage employees to move to an electronic format.

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And there are no risks of leakage of data on the employees of the FIU, because the “leaked” data, even from major banks.

Ivan Shklovets: For the safety of the information on labour activity of workers about their pension rights stored in the information resourcex the FIU, are responsible bodies of the Pension Fund. For the safety of personal data of the employees meet their employers.

information received by the FIU and stored in their information resources are protected, their loss is impossible.

For those who are accustomed to paper

Viktoria Slivkoff: do I have to write a statement that I do not wish to electronically conduct their work book?

Ivan Shklovets: the Law provides for two types of statements, one of which until the end of 2020, submitted by the employee. The employee submits a statement that he asked to continue keep working on the book, or that he requested information about employment, which means they are no longer doing paper work book. It is desirable that before the end of 2020, the employee a choice made.

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You mentioned that a person can not change his mind, and in the meantime, many readers are asking whether it is possible to abandon paper work book and then get it back?

Ivan Shklovets: Workers who submit an application for the provision of information in electronic form and received the labor book on his hands, as the corresponding record will not be able to return them to the employer to continue the conduct in paper form. This possibility for the worker the law does not provide. For the employer, who agreed to take back the work-book, there are risks associated with the acceptance of the entry is invalid, the need to change HR policies, the correction of the reports to the FIU. In this connection it is expedient to warn the workers in advance.

And to change your mind in the opposite direction is possible? Choose paper, and in a year or two to give it up?

Ivan Shklovets: a Worker who has filed an application for extension of reference work book, may subsequently file a disclaimer of doing the work book at any time – in 2021, 2022 and subsequent years.

For example, at the end of 2020, the employer gets a new employee paper work book. As a new employer to learn went there already on this employee’s previous employer for information about choosing a paper work book or not? The employee does not remember, he signed a statement or not.

Ivan Shklovets: In any case, notify him in writing of any changes in legislation, the right of choice. And after that wait for the statement.

Once choosing electronic work, to the paper already to go back is impossible. Photo: Vladimir Gerdo / TASS

Question from Olga Talantsevoj: If the new employer comes to get the employee in 2021 and brings the workbook in which there is no record that he has moved to an electronic form, the employer must keep a paper book? And if the officer had never filed for a previous job, no statements, then what about new employer?

Ivan Shklovets: If you come in 2021 worker with an already issued earlier by the labour book, in which there is no record of the submission of applications for the provision of information about employment, the last entry he must have a record of his dismissal. This means that the employee either saved workbook, or have not made a choice. In this case, you continue to keep working on the book for as long as the employee will not apply for the provision of information about employment.

How to be pluralists

the pluralists. If a person is working part-time, he must also choose an electronic or paper workbook? And what to do with those, will combineelsto which one company is not spelled out in their employment record?

Ivan Shklovets: Let’s divide into internal and external part. With regard to domestic workers, there is no problem. This is the same employee who just works on the two contracts. So you he receives only one notification in one instance and accept only one statement, too, in the same instance. Do not forget that in relation to domestic workers reports to the FIU are served separately. Part-time you may only submit a statement about the provision of information about employment. He can’t apply for the maintenance of employment records on part-time employment record book is not maintained.

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as for the external part, they must notify you of changes in legislation, the right of choice. But take from them only a statement about the provision of information in electronic form. As an external part-time employment history is not conducted, apply for the conduct of the work book that he can’t.

Where to write award

Another issue that often found. In the forms of transmission of information to the FIU there is no column where you specify the rewards the employee for his whole career. And what to do with these awards? How to send information about them?

Ivan Shklovets: unfortunately, Yes, the new forms do not provide for such an option, which we record in a paper workbook. If the employee is very important, it will submit the application to keep a paper work book, and there will have all these awards to record. They can further be useful, for example, to obtain the title of “Veteran of labor”.

If a person opted tothe spun down utilizing slow, he needs to collect and store their awards – certificates of appreciation, orders of their announcement in order to submit them to the relevant authorities.

Allow me to report

How will be the maintenance of the electronic employment record books of civilian personnel in military units of the defense Ministry? Currently, access to the Internet on the territories of military camps in military units is prohibited.

Ivan Shklovets: the Law allows not to pass information to the Pension Fund of Russia, if we are talking about state secrets. As for the military, the Ministry is now preparing a special procedure for the formation of such information. And soon he will offer, what to do with them. If it is a regular civilian employees in units, which conclude employment contracts – everything is done in a General manner.

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Marina, head of personnel Department: One in February asked me to give him a paper workbook. What is the entry we need to do and how quickly to give it to him?

Ivan Shklovets: I don’t recommend to hurry, because the sample of such records will be submitted to the instruction on filling of work books, now such changes are prepared. Let’s wait, get the record you want, Deposit it in the work book, so you do not invalidate previously entered records.

But if the employee insists, the Labor code provides a sample record form that can be deposited in the work book, record that the worker filed an application for the provision of information about labor activities in accordance with art. 66.1 of the Labour code. And in the fourth column of the work book where the basis for entry, you specify the number and date of application of the employee. But I again recommend to wait.

If one has chosen the e-book, then he needs to collect and store your rewards in order to present them to the relevant government organio than not writing in books

Vladimir Kovalev writes that in his paper workbook many records of formal, legal employment. But the Pension Fund is not reflected or served in the Soviet army, or working at a helicopter plant. Kamov, no job in too “Russian Baker”…What to do in this situation?

Ivan Shklovets: work book is the main but not the only document proving the existence of seniority. These can be copies of any personnel documents that are in some way acknowledge that somewhere you once worked. It could be testimony. If you do not have any documents that go with the application to the court. Name two witnesses who can testify that you worked there. The court may deduct you all these years, the experience. Labour recruitment activities, as well as service in the armed forces should be reflected in the workbook. Why this information is not entered into your service record, should address to your former employers. If you have kept any proof of your previous work, you can contact the current employer with a statement about making relevant records. If you are not working, you can apply to FIU.

whether the personnel undertaking the assignment, the pedagogical worker the qualification category? Form szv-so do not allows you to fill in such an event.

Ivan Shklovets: Why not allow? There you can make the assignment of the new qualification, level, obtaining a second job. If the category, this is also reflected in the report.

Ivan Ivanovich, you do what work book chosen for themselves? And what is the reason?

Ivan Shklovets: I consider myself in the category of workers who always paid close attention to the registration of labor relations. The Pension Fund I have a “my account”, there I always check everything. All data stored in the Pension Fund correspond to my activities, so I am ready to abandon paper employment records.