1/10 Photo by: JIM URQUHART / Reuters

In which us states is the national park Yellowstone?

Wyoming, South Dakota and Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho Wyoming, Idaho and Utah 2/10 Photo: Tor Risberg / NRK

The pale yellow cooking oil made of the seeds from the flower Helianthus annuus?

canola oil Olive oil Sunflower oil 3/10 Photo: Francesca Hotchin / Unsplash

You need many yellow lemons to make limonade. Which artist released the album “Lemonade” in 2016?

Rihanna Beyonce Taylor Swift 4/10 Photo: Fredrik Hagen / NTB scanpix

the Quick Lunch is a favorittsjokolade for many this easter. What is written on the yellow strip on the innpakningspapiret?

Nimble Freia Lunch 5/10 Photo: Eyvind Rugland

See in the picture above. What bird is this?

Gulirisk Gulerle Gulspurv 6/10 Photo: ScanStock

Mauritius its flag has four horizontal stripes. The one strip is yellow. What color has the other three stripes?

Black, white, blue, Green, blue, red, Black, red, green, 7/10 Photo: CHINA DAILY

Huang He, also called Guleelva or The yellow river, China’s second longest river. What is the name of China’s longest river?

Heilong Jiang/ Amur Mekong Changjiang//Yangtze/Yangze 8/10 Photo: Martin Meissner / AP

Erling Broke Haaland playing for time in the yellow costume. How many A-caps for Norway, has the father of Erling Broke Haaland, Alf-Inge Haaland?

34 44 54 9/10 Photo: Kristin Rivrud Mills / NRK

the Flower leirfivel is also called coltsfoot. Flower engsoleie also has a more popular name. What is it?

Påskelilje Kusymre Smørblomst 10/10

Where on the body you will find the yellow spot?

the Eye to the Stomach Lungs, Your profit

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