What writers do in isolation

“How nice to sit at home when on the roof pounding rain and when you know in your house there is no heavy boring people”, – wrote Anton Chekhov.

How to look #etisalate the times of Pushkin, Dostoevsky and Chekhov

And I must say that the majority of modern writers the feeling of “pleasantness” share. That said, for example, Lyudmila Ulitskaya: “This stop for me was extremely important. “Sit and think!” – that is the main message that I read of the events”. The writer said that the eternal question “what to do?” she in the current situation answers not on a philosophical level, and at household – its first domestic case was “breaking the corners”.

Eugene Vodolazkin has described his life succinct quatrain, attaching a photo where he is in nature with an armful of wood.

the Vodka. Chocolate “Alenka”.

the Christmas Tree. Not acacia.

Beloostrov. Udalenke.


But the Roman Senchin told that being in the four walls is not too changed his usual course of life: “I and I spent most of my time at home (despite the fact that last year, for example, led a truly nomadic life, but the nomads have at home). Read, try to write. Of course, more time was spent on news – alert makes itself know.”

the author of the many beloved “Days of Sam” Gregory, the Servant said: “I pulled out of mothballs ancient console Dendy. Watch movies: Chaplin, Pasolini, Greenaway. On my instagram I read stories in the framework of the project “Suskinda”. There from time to time give acoustic concerts. I was fond of creation of electronic music. It’s time to resume experiments. But most importantly (of course): reading and work on texts”.

the Baton project #Pisatelyami adopted and museums, they share archival records on home timemediaprovider classics. The House-Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva shared memories of sister poetess Anastasia, who told me that she could spend hours “in his narrow room, hung with engravings and portraits surrounded by French books.”

Photo: Istock Children’s writer called the 10 best books for family reading

Museum-estate “Yasnaya Polyana” remains: “the Great hall was the favorite room of Countess Sophia Andreyevna. <...> He came here just for Breakfast, for lunch and for evening tea. The rest of the day he spent in his office”. The “famous “recluse”, the old man Tolstoy in fact was in such a vibrant and varied communication with the outside world, what is probably not known by many residents of the capital”.

Now on the portal Gadoterate.Russia has released two parts of a new project, but gradually stories will be more. Moreover, the organizers urge all who are interested, I also put quotes writers, both modern and classics, about home entertainment in the social network. Necessarily, noting the name of the project #Pisatelyami, as well as the accounts of the organizers in the social network will repost. “Let’s prove to everyone that the house is not to sit in prison and live a full life!”, calls on the project.