What will tell the British in his address to Queen Elizabeth II

In his fifth special televised message to the country for 68 years on the throne she also thanked health workers who are at the forefront of combating coronavirus and expressed sympathy for the families of Britons who have known the pain of loss from the loss of relatives who died during the pandemic COVID-19.

“I hope that in coming years everyone will be proud of how they responded to this challenge. And those who come after us will say that the British of this generation were just as strong as all other generations, – the statement says 93-letnia Queen. – Signs of good-natured calm determination and a sense of community still characterize this country”.

Photo: Artyom Geodakyan/TASS employees of the supermarkets of Belgium went on strike because of coronavirus

the Queen explained that talks with the British during that “becoming more complex”. According to her, this time the destruction in the country, which “have brought grief to some financial difficulties for many and huge changes in everyday life of us all.”

the Message was recorded at Windsor castle, where the Queen visited her husband’s 98-year-old Prince Philip. To minimize the risk of infection for the Queen, it was shot on a camera in a large room to provide a safe distance between her and the operator. He was wearing PPE and was the only one present in the room man. The assistants of the Queen and members of the crew were in the next room.

the Queen usually addresses the nation only with his annual televised Christmas message, and this special televised address will be only the fifth, which she made during his reign.

the Last words were spoken in 2012, after celebrating her 60th birthday. It happened a decade after the previous treatment, which followed the death of her mother in 2002 when she thanked the British people for their condolences.

She also made a speech at the beginning of the Gulf war in 1991 and after the death of his sister-in-law Princess Diana in a car crash in Paris in 1997, amid a national outpouring of grief and criticism from the public neutral reaction of the Royal family.

on Saturday, the British government said that the number of deaths among those who received a positive result for the virus, increased by 708 24 hours and thereby increased to 4313, and among the dead are five children and at least 40 people who have symptoms of the disease.

health Officials warn that high mortality will occur in the Albion, at least one or two weeks, even if citizens are to maintain strict isolation measures.

Photo: AFP/JIM WATSON trump has sent troops to new York to help in the fight against coronavirus

Like many European countries, Britain is in a state of almost complete blocking of: pubs, restaurants and almost all the shops are closed, and social events canceled and banned.

Britons told to stay home unless it is absolutely necessary to try to stop the spread of the epidemic. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is still in isolation, and several senior Ministers were among those who were positive for the virus.

Earlier this week, the 71-year-old son of Queen Elizabeth II and nakednIR to the throne, Prince Charles himself came out of isolation after seven days after a positive test for the coronavirus.