What the local media about Kim Chen Yne more alive

Appeared in the American tabloid The New York Post speculation about the likely death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN not confirmed. Not only the official confirmation of this information has not been received, but its refutation. However, the whereabouts and the health status of the head of the DPRK still remain a mystery that facilitate the emergence of a variety of versions.

the head of the Korean friendship Association Alejandro Cao de Benos, whom the press called the North Korean diplomat of Spanish descent, called the information about the dire state of Kim Jong-UN “false and malicious”.

whatever it was, the sensation of the messages in The New York Post did not work (however, the question of what happens to the leader of North Korea, and remains unanswered).

the story of the publication of The New York Post that as the source refers to the Deputy Director of Hong Kong satellite TV HKSTV in turn reported that he had information from a “very solid source”, once again confirms the old truth. On posts about the DPRK and its leaders, especially based on anonymous sources, you should rely with the utmost care. In most cases, the “message sources” on the situation in the DPRK and around comrade Kim Jong UN should be “divide by ten”, and sometimes a thousand.

part of the problem lies not only in the unfairness of the media or their “sources”, but in the information policy of Pyongyang. Given the closed nature of North Korea, to obtain reliable independent information about the real state of Affairs before the advent of the official reports extremely difficult. So often have to operate rumors.

the same publication, The New York Post, which gave information about the probable demise of the North Korean leader, simultaneously announced on Saturday that Kim Jong UN is in a “vegetative state” after undergoing operations on the cardiovascular system. The source of this information, the tabloid pointed out by the Japanese weekly Shukan Gendai. This edition, referring to the words of Chinese experts, said that during a recent trip to the countryside, Kim grabbed his chest and fell to the ground. According to the information accompanying the leader, the doctor performed the procedure for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and sent him to the nearest hospital.

it is Also claimed that Kim need to make the procedure of stenting, which requires space in a crowded tube blood vessel, the blood continued to flow to the heart.

meanwhile, earlier told Reuters, it became known that from Beijing to the DPRK headed headed by a senior member of the international relations Department of the Central Committee of the Communist party of China delegation, which included Chinese doctors. The purpose of the visit is not razglom��shutsa, but with the rumors about Kim’s health problems, it can be assumed that doctors from China can be directed to assist North Korean leader.

Meanwhile, the Western press is discussing the satellite images allegedly depicting the special train Kim Jong UN in the city of Wonsan on the East of the country. Although analysts say that in itself the presence of the train does not confirm the whereabouts of North Korean leader and says nothing about his health, but lends weight to the reports that Kim may be in this exclusive area on the East coast of the DPRK. Earlier, spoken version that the leader could go to Wonsan to it in resort terms to correct health and avoid the risk of Contracting the coronavirus in Pyongyang.

Reason for serious concern about the health of Kim Jong-UN was seen in the Western media his absence from the celebrations on the occasion of Foundation day of the Korean people’s army, celebrated on April 25. Coupled with the lack of DPRK leader on a holiday on the occasion of the birthday of North Korean state founder Kim Il sung April 15 this suggests that he really can be serious health problems.

Hardly doubt that the health of North Korean leader depends very much on the Korean Peninsula and throughout East Asia, but by and large and on the world stage. And especially in the most led by Kim Jong-UN, the country. Any upheaval at the pinnacle of power can have quite dramatic consequences.

to understand the huge value in the eyes of the people of the DPRK is the leader of the country, constantly steering on the ground activities in various fields, delve into the fine details and give valuable instructions, just go to the made North of the Korean Peninsula periodicals.

North Korean media tells instructive stories from the life of the leader of North Korea.

So, in number 3 of the journal “Kamalasan” for this year you can read a few “revolutionary episodes” about comrade Kim Jong-UN.

One of them is called “the stairs”:

“Marshal Kim Jong UN in may of 108 years of Juche (2019) visited Kumagorskoy HPP No. 2. That day he inspected its operation, has solved all the rising questions and looking at the dam, proposed for the accompanying staff to climb it. Looking around, he saw an iron ladder to the top of the bridge, bypass and check the regulators and decided to ascend it.

this confused all accompanying staff. After all, this is a narrow, steep iron ladder used working hydroelectric power station to lift the bridge in order to monitor the condition of dams and locks.

They began to worry, but Kim Jong-UN has come to the iron stairs. One and�� they asked him not to do dangerous rise, and several times he pulled the ladder down, as if calming them, and without hesitation began to climb its steps.

When they worry about him, climbed the stairs, he was standing in the middle of the bridge and admired the surrounding scenery. (…)

Kim Jong UN went up on the dangerous iron ladder with the desire on the blue surface of the water to imagine the happy character of the people, and the swells of the river – their great joy.

Then he clearly understand the course of modernization of the local industry factories in the County, again stressed to employees that it is necessary to implement the policy of the party associated with addressing the issue of electricity to improve the lives of residents of the County.

an Iron staircase confirms, as a personal example, he led the staff towards selfless service to the people. She’s like a witness of history shows that managers need to go forward for the benefit of people and the hard way, find details about people’s lives and become their true servants.”

And here is another episode entitled “the Road in bad weather and a tour of”.

“Marshal Kim Jong UN in one of the 104 days of September of the year of Juche (2015) visited the newly-built floating restaurant-shop “Mujigae (rainbow)”.

Speaking attendants that the new floating restaurant, shop beautiful, like a rainbow that his voyage on the river Taedong adds to her beauty, he visited all the places.

Kim Jong-UN tried to sit in the chair and to the details interested in interior design, so that visitors are not experienced in it the slightest inconvenience.

that day he, with satisfaction after seeing the new floating restaurant-shop “Mujhe”, said with a smile that its launch will contribute to a more civilized life of our people, who with joyful laughter will float it on the river Taedong, and thought he had removed all the fatigue.

Kim Jong-UN, despite bad weather and steep passes, continuously makes a forced March for the benefit of the people, and his joy at experiencing the happy life of the people, conducting a fun time on a kind of tour vessel”.

the First issue of the magazine “Korea today” for 2019 tells the story of “the Bounty – in a clay VAT of rice”: “one April day 2014 Kim Jong-UN discussed along with workers an economic issue, paying particular attention to the issue of nutrition.

Carefully listening to their views, he said that it is necessary to take measures for solution of economic question and, above all, problems of nutrition, they say “Generosity is manifested in the VAT of rice.”

Kim Jong-UN, emphasizing the importance of addressing nutrition problems of the population, said that we must solve it, to shouts of “long live the Labor party of Korea!”, “D�� live socialism!” were heard, starting with the dining table of the people.

on this day, he said the responsible employees of the Cabinet of Ministers that it should focus primarily on agriculture, in that whatever was to gather more grain and to solve the food problem, the problem of nutrition”.

In the same issue of the magazine tells about how the road to the citizens of the DPRK commemorative photos with the country’s leader.

“Supreme leader Kim Jong-UN always goes to the people and poses for a photograph with him, with individuals, with a team of people, from delegates, participants of public events. (…) A few years ago, when events were held on the occasion of the 66th anniversary of the Children’s Union of Korea, Kim Jong-UN was photographed along with all the 20 – thousand – participants of the events 20 times changing the location.

wherever he visited Kim Jong UN leaves memorable pictures, and it speaks of his noble Outlook on the people.

In these photos, the Korean people see a noble image of Kim Jong-UN as head of the people, which is hotter than anyone, he loves people, is always with him and committed to implement his wishes.

As he was looking around the freezer filled with fish, and a warehouse for pickles, with satisfaction imagined rich men he photographed on the background of the fish. On the Pyongyang factory of baby food he looked like produced in a large amount of soy milk and other products with great satisfaction that was photographed”.

In the April issue of the magazine “Korea today” for this year under the title “Nothing to be sorry for our women” you can read about this episode: “”In those days, when the whole country was immersed in deep grief over the death of the great leader Kim Jong Il (December 17, 2011), the issue of the construction research Institute of Oncology of the breast at the Pyongyang maternity hospital was temporarily pushed to the background.

Kim Jong-UN, upon learning about this, took steps to expedite its construction: he sent a mighty construction team; offered in the first place to supply the necessary materials and equipment.

a few months later he went to the construction site, got acquainted with the situation of the construction work and gave valuable instructions related to the construction.

When completed the construction of the Institute, he came back and visited all his offices and wards.

that day, Kim Jong-UN pointed out that since decided to build the research Institute of Oncology of the breast for women, it, each element must correspond to the world level and to spare nothing for our women.

the next Morning arrived in the Institute with a number of modern equipment, sent��s Kim Jong-UN”.

And one of the last messages KCNA, telling about the activities of Kim Jong UN, dated April 12, and on the arrival of the leader of the country’s military pilots: “the Chairman of the workers’ party of Korea (WPK), Chairman of the state Council of the Democratic people’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Supreme commander of the Armed Forces of the DPRK, the Supreme leader of our party, state and armed forces comrade Kim Jong UN inspected the fighter-assault regiment at the air force and air division of the Western district. (…)

From the glory, joy and happiness that his regiment met with the esteemed Supreme leader, who always looked with respect and longed for the distant heavenly way, in the hearts of combat pilots were splashing stormy waves of excitation.

(…) Dear Supreme leader expressed great satisfaction with the fact that fighter-assault regiment uniform with a passionate desire to respond to the trust of the party and country, always leaving the line of flight of devotion and deeds, protects the airspace of the Western district of the country. And praised their efforts and set policy objectives that provide guidance in the further strengthening of the combat capability of the regiment.

Dear Supreme leader met with the best pilots of fighter-assault regiment, talked with them.

Dear Supreme leader has repeatedly expressed deep confidence that it is fully charges it with the air space of the homeland, and called for combat pilots with a deadly determination gave his life for the party and the Motherland, firmly armed with our party lit Juche method of warfare, a more strengthened flight training, and vigorously launched a struggle for the possession of higher military pilot skills and combat capability”.

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