According to a recent traffic and accident report, about six million car accidents occur in the United States every year. Out of these six million cases, nearly half of them result in severe injuries, with 6% of the total crashes being fatal.


These figures prove that accidents are inevitable, and the rates remain alarmingly high, meaning that everyone is at risk. You don’t have to be behind the wheel to be in an accident. Whether you are a passenger or pedestrian, you are susceptible to any accident. The experienced car accident attorneys at Angel Reyes & Associates Law Firm in Dallas, TX have provided several steps you should take in the unfortunate events you are involved in and injured in an accident.


Repercussions of an Accident

Following an auto crash in which you were seriously injured, you could spend some time in hospital. This could result in you not reporting to work for all that period and therefore not earning a living as you recuperate from your injuries.


While in hospital, you will be confronted with hefty medical bills, and your regular household bills will continue to pile up as you lie helpless on a hospital bed. There’s also the physical pain and mental anguish you’ll have to endure from your injuries. Due to the magnitude of these repercussions, you must take legal action against the person responsible for your damages. You can file a personal injury claim or lawsuit against the at-fault driver to collect compensation for your damages and losses. The following steps are crucial in helping you achieve a successful claim.


Ensure You Are Safe

Of course, an accident will leave you shaken and disoriented; that is normal. If you were the driver, turn off your hazard lights and if you are not in bad shape, get your car out of traffic and pull over to a safe place. Next, get out of the car immediately because the chances of your vehicle exploding could be high. Stay away from the vehicle until the police arrive.


Call 911

Call the emergency number to notify the police of the cat crash. This is a legal requirement in many states. Once the police arrive, tell them any details you remember about the accident. The police launch an investigation into the accident and file a traffic crash report. Make sure you obtain a copy of this report.


Collect Evidence

Before you leave an accident scene, take photos and videos of the accident scene. Take footage of the wreckage, debris, damaged vehicle parts, skid marks, and pictures of your injuries. You should also talk to available witnesses and obtain their contact information. All these are critical pieces of evidence that will validate and strengthen your claim.


Gather Info About the Driver

Collect information about the car that hit you, its registration numbers, make and model, the driver’s name, address, contact information, and details of their insurance provider.


See a Doctor

Having done all the above, rush to get to the hospital and get checked up. The doctor should conduct a thorough medical examination to ascertain the extent of your injuries, treatment plan, and possible future health conditions that may result from your injuries. A doctor’s report and medical records are other crucial pieces of evidence you need to come up with a successful claim. They’ll also improve your chances of receiving a reasonable settlement.


Call a Car Accident Attorney

Having done the basics, it’s time to let the law take its course. Contacting an experience car accident lawyer ensures that justice will be pursued on your behalf.  The legal team offers free consultation and preliminary case evaluation before beginning the legal process of having you compensated for your damages.

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