What is known about the revolt of prisoners in Redwood colony

the Evening of 10 April, in colony No. 15 in Angarsk (Irkutsk oblast) there was a riot of prisoners. During disorders prisoners have set fire to several buildings on the premises of the correctional institution.

the prison Riot and fire in the colony, according to official data, was preceded by a conflict between one of the convicts, serving sentence in a penal insulator, and staff. The incident occurred on Thursday evening, April 9.

According to the official version, the man has refused to undergo a personal search and encouraged other prisoners to disobedience. In the end, the convicts attacked the employee of a colony and beat him. The victim was taken to hospital, but now his life is not in danger.

the Evening of 10 April, the unrest resumed. According to the UK, prisoners staged in the colony on fire. Source TASS in law enforcement, said that the fire engulfed three buildings in which are located the woodworking shop.

In extinguishing the fire involved only the forces of the Federal penitentiary service, civil to fight the fire, according to the United dispatcher the service was not involved.

After the attack on the prison officer April 9, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under article “Disorganization of activity of institutions providing isolation from society”.

Penal colony-15 Angarsk pic.twitter.com/cpW1nG88Wq

the Official response to the riots on 10 April at the time of preparation of the material was not.

human rights Activist Pavel Glushchenko told TASS that all the roads in the colony overlapped, but getting there is not possible due quarantine. Thus, according to Gluschenko, during the riot the prisoners were injured, some of them heavy.