Sunday, may 31 marked world no tobacco day, world day of struggle against inequality, the world day of struggle with multiple sclerosis and the Day of the Russian advocacy. In this day born singer Natasha Koroleva and died actor Vyacheslav Innocent.

The day before, may 30, how to write “Rambler”, was celebrated the Spring holiday in the UK and the Day of St. Joan of Arc (Catholic)

In the folk calendar of the Slavs may 31 – Raspravleny, Jeremiah. Came planting region, the sowers and ploughmen fell to the ground, rolling on the grass, getting rid of the stress.

May 31, proclaimed the establishment of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (1815), has launched London’s big Ben (1859), executed writer and philosopher Nikolai Chernyshevsky (1864), in the suburbs of Paris hosted the world’s first race (1868), in Berlin opened the world’s first electric railway (1879), in Vladivostok, was laid by the TRANS-Siberian railway (1891), opened the recreated Amber room (2003).

Born may 31, Tsar of all Rus and Grand Prince of Moscow, Fyodor I Ivanovich (1557), a military Minister of Russia Alexey Gorchakov (1769), writer Konstantin Paustovsky (1892), the American actor Clint Eastwood (1930), the Belarusian writer Svetlana Aleksievich (1948), singer Vladimir Kuzmin (1955), actress Brooke shields (1965), singer Natasha Koroleva (1973) and Irish actor Colin Farrell (1976).

May 31, died the king of Prussia Frederick William I (1740), American jazz composer Billy Strayhorn (1967), writer Anatoly Ivanov (1999), actor Archil Gomiashvili (2005) and actor Vyacheslav Innocent (2009).