Maxim Fadeev not so long ago boasted phenomenal results weight loss.

The producer dropped 100 pounds overweight.

He laid out in instagram photo, which perfectly fit in one half of the shorts from the “past life” and promised to share the miracle technique that allows to reduce weight without much agony.

Since three weeks, Fadeev kernel provides information.

You should drink hot water before meals, to be tested by an endocrinologist…But the technique and not made public.

So once again eager to lose weight received only very General advice.

“Faith is the main engine only. Only Faith enables us to be happy. Believe it!”. he wrote in the microblog.

Sachivalya waiting for podistica rebuked the producer that he isn’t fulfilling his promise.

“Good day, Maxim. It is not very nice, so to torture people. Promised to help people in weight loss, the people believed you, I hope for your technique. You put yourself in their place when she didn’t know how to save themselves, when faith was not in anything. Is simply not nice to humiliate those who believe in your method of folks asking, begging, hoping… waiting for Maxim, the time has come to help many…”

Fadeyev responded, suddenly nervous.

“because Of these communications I do nothing will not spread. I haven’t done anything yet, and already the blame from all sides! Tired! When you decide then lay! And stop trying to blame or to hurry! All the best.”

Fans of this reaction was a surprise.

“What a brute he is. Fu”, “Yes is it not clear that he has been complacent and besides myself no one sees!”, “On June 27 promised that will tell about the method, but did not specify the year. Wait and do not upset it, and then do nothing you know!”

Some even suggested that the producer had nothing to say.

“what are you waiting for? The story of how he did bariatric surgery, gastric resection? He won’t admit this, wait for further tales of the miracle diet, the stomach distended like a bucket, the same diet 10-15 times will not decrease that you any doctor will tell you, it’s just physiologically impossible!”

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, the producer Maxim Fadeev was supported by singer Emin Agalarov after the release of a new track. He has published a video of an excerpt from the new hit Agalarov.

Publish from MAXIM FADEEV (@fadeevmaxim) 18 Jul 2020 at 2:16pm PDT