is it True that COVID-19 gives complications on the Central nervous system all recover? What other “traces” it leaves in the body the virus?

Doctors suggested that coronavirus infection gives the total for all of the complication is a malfunction in the Central nervous system in thermoregulation. People who have had COVID-19, after recovery and disappearance of all symptoms with a negative test for coronavirus, you can still chill regardless of external conditions. Some take it for recurrent disease. While scientists can not say it is a violation permanent or temporary.

“because the disease is relatively new, the more there is the cases with different clinical manifestations, the more we get new information, — said head of chair of infectious diseases of PFUR, Professor Galina Kozhevnikova. — Of course, over time the doctors see symptoms that were not described previously. And they make the assumption that it may be associated with the disease. But this should always very calm approach. There are principles of evidence-based medicine must be a sufficiently large number of patients. One more important point.

However, the more we will see patients more often appear something symptoms, which can be very serious and lead, and can just be standard for all infectious diseases. It is important, as is a newly identified complication will affect the clinical manifestations and most importantly — will help the doctor in diagnosis to distinguish from other similar infections. Therefore, the situation is quite typical when there is a new disease, trying to find the more number specific to the disease symptoms.”

the Professor also reminded about the complications that it has been proven and is typical for COVID-19. “What has been confirmed by observations on a large number of patients and meets the principles of evidence-based medicine? A very dangerous complication is the damage of the blood coagulation system and the vascular changes with the formation of microthromboses that very adversely affects the lungs, — said Kozhevnikov. — Of course, the specific damage to the lungs that is associated with the action of the novel coronavirus. It’s not even really pneumonia in the classic sense, not inflammation, this is characteristic of lung tissue changes with coronavirus infection. Such complications quite well established. As for the manifestations in the skin, judging by the work of researchers around the world and what we see in patients, they occur in patients not very often, but when this is quite specific. If distributed according to the frequency of symptoms of the clinical picture, then you can arrange them in that order.

Now there is new information about changes in the kidneys due to the disease COVID-19, and accompanying pancreatitis. But you need to wait when you have a clinical material, and then the picture of the disease will take a clearer picture. While the disease is very young. Six months is even with such a large number of cases, too short a time for medicine to make final conclusions. Further research is needed”.