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Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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During a pandemic, and economic uncertainty intensified cynical hunters for profit. Taking advantage of the panic and isolation, crooks extorting people for money or steal personal data. In the Arsenal of criminals dozens of schemes: viral sites, the promise of compensation, intimidation, fines, fake certificate, the imposition procedures of disinfection and pamphlets on prevention. Our recommendations will help not to be deceived.
Gang, pyramid schemes, and street prostitution — evil forgotten classics of the 90s could come back and overwhelm the country in the near future. All because of a forced quarantine measures and economic stagnation that paralysed the normal life. Former detective of Moscow criminal investigation Department Igor Grishakov gave "MK" alarming forecast for the near future and described the conditions necessary to prevent crime waves.
In Crimea detained lzhe-the employee of FSB who offered the residents money to help them in the device in the power bodies of the Republic, reports "Says Moscow"
The Central district court of Kaliningrad was released on PAROLE, the former head of the Federal penitentiary service Alexander Reimer, who was convicted of fraud and abuse of power, reports the Agency "Moscow"
The US President Donald trump said that the us intelligence community and the Democratic party guilty of fraud to cause damage to it, and the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders, who's running for nomination as the democratic candidate in the presidential election in November

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