What books will help keep children occupied at the time of isolation

what books will help keep children occupied at the time of isolation 1

“Slamander”, Thomas Taylor

Illustrator: George HERMOSA

Translation: Vera Polishchuk

SPb.: Polyandria, 2020

this book has everything you need for a pleasant and exciting reading adventures, a convoluted detective story, sea monster, real pirates and a little magic. The main characters – Herbert Lemmon and Violetta Parma – appeared in the town called seaside Agosti the most mysterious way. A boy a few years ago found on the shore in a wooden box, and the girl literally fell to our hero on the head, escaping from the huge sailors with a hook instead of a hand, and said that she loss, you need to find. It is not surprising, because Herbert is the superintendent of the Bureau in the hotel “Grand Nautilus”. The guys have to learn the secrets of the past, to break the curse and risking his life to save the world… This amazing adventure, filled with myths and legends, makes you believe in the impossible. And now young readers along with the characters enthusiastically look in unacamera strict hotel hostess lady Kraken and trying to unravel the secret of the strange glass ruby color, which should help her to find parents. Don’t worry, this story has a happy end, good will win, evil will be punished, and our heroes will find a family and find out what true friendship and loyalty. What else do you need in order to spend a pleasant evening with a good book in your hands?

what books will help keep children occupied at the time of isolation 2

“it is True that fun?”, Mary Weisman

Illustrator: Tatiana Mikhalina

M.: August, SPb.: NECK, 2020

This book is worth reading with your child. And while young readers along with the main character will be surprised that the Black sea is really blue, wary eye on the rock, like a dragon, and hunt in soup, dill, parents, furtively wiping from her cheek a tear, for a moment, then plunge into his childhood. Because in this world everything changes, but not the black sea coast. But seriously, this is a collection of touching, light and really children’s stories, told by the little boy who along with his sister and parents were on the sea. Here are simple things seem wonderful and magical, but that they do not cease to be real. What could be better than love, friendship, family, sun, sea, childhood fantasies? After all, it is the real life.

what books will help keep children occupied at the time of isolation 3

“All so different”, Sophie Lasko

M.: al’pina pablisher, 2020

the Book is “All so different”, was released in a new series of cautionary tales for children from 3 years, illustrating the important qualities that every parent would like to instill in your child: honesty, leadership, optimism, the ability to accept yourself, kindness… Large format, bright pictures, large letters and memorable characters that still need to captivate the baby book, and then another and discuss the reading?

As you may have guessed by the title, this book will teach kids to be respectful to those who do not like you because at any moment you can be in the role of a white crow. Actually, it happened with a family of squirrels, who were strangers among animals and among birds. But they just wanted to soak up the sunshine, and one beach with beaks, while the other allowed only those who have feathers instead of wool. Fortunately, the mommy platypus was a resourceful woman, not accustomed to yield to difficulties, and she organizes a “beach for everyone”. Very quickly this beach becomes the most popular place on the coast.

what books will help keep children occupied at the time of isolation 4

“Matita. Stories about me is real and not,” Suzanne MartianGely

Illustrator: Rita Petrucelli

Translation: Irina Konstantinova

M.: MYTH, 2020

This book is sometimes called the diary of a little dreamer, the other – “how to be a writer at 9 years old.” Actually, both are quite true. Matita or Titus, as she calls herself, lives a normal life of nine girls. Like her return she loves to walk and play soccer and hates to go to school. But unlike many of her peers, she keeps a diary to record all your impressions, experiences, adventures and even new cooking recipes. There is no detail that gets past her gaze and must take its place in the diary. And all because of Matita believes that someday her diary falls to the aliens, and they’ll make a film about her life. That may well be, and yet along with Matiti Mature guys around the world, because it is so similar to them.

what books will help keep children occupied at the time of isolation 5

“My brother Walt Disney”, De Santa Alessio

Artists: Filippo Zambello, Lorenzo Magalotti, Julia Priori and Lavinia Pressato

Translation: Andrew Manukhin

M.: the Compass Guide, 2020

This book will be a boon for lovers of comic books, and speaking like an adult, graphic novels. Perhaps, this genre is best suited to tell the story of the life and success of the main American cartoonist. The more that this story is in the book his older brother Roy, who was a close friend and reliable business partner of Walt Disney.

to achieve maximum accuracy and reliability, Alessio De Santa, a graduate of the Academy of Disney Italian art school for illustrators and animators, for seven years, studied the biography of the Disney brothers. In the work on the book he was helped by screenwriter Filippo Zambello and artists Lorenzo Magalotti, Julia Priori and Lavinia Pressato that hours studied documentary newsreel footage and photo archives to achieve maximum portrait similarity of characters and reproduce the finest details. They created a portrait of the era almost perfect, and the story of becoming the greatest cartoon of the Corporation affects and inspires. But in reality, this graphic novel is about something else – about the relationship between two brothers, one of whom was a great dreamer, and the other is a real pragmatist. So different, but managed to keep the love and devotion to each other until death. That they should learn.

what books will help keep children occupied at the time of isolation 6

“Annie. Around the world on a Bicycle”, Balestrucci Fancellu Robert

Artist: Comune Luogo

Translation: Anna Boguslavskaya

M.: Walking through history, 2020

Another comic book, which is also based on real events. The main character Annie Londonderry Kopkowski sent round the world trip by bike. This act in itself inspires respect for courageous woman. But you’ll respect her more if he knew that by the time she was a diligent wife and mother of three children, and their incredible journey was made in 1894. She left Boston and a year later returned to Chicago, having been in Paris, Jerusalem, Bombay, Tokyo… Can be long to recount all the dangers and adventures that were waiting for her in the way she had been in prison, had narrowly escaped during the fighting and suffered at the hands of bandits. Just think – a woman, alone, traveling in the late 19th century, her pants instead of a skirt (otherwise ride the bike uncomfortable), and the most horrible: she herself provides during the trip, earning money by selling autographs and photos, and advertising pitjevboiled water.

Annie was the first woman in the world, traveled the globe on a Bicycle. She proved that willpower, perseverance and the ability to follow your dreams can change the course of history. This is a great motivating book for all girls and their mothers. Yes, and the boys and dads too will benefit from reading it.

what books will help keep children occupied at the time of isolation 7

“the Beast Evsey”, Larisa Romanovskaya

Artist: Elena Remezova

M.: Gyroscope, 2020

Elena Romanov has turned out a wonderful tale that will appeal to both children and adults – everyone will find here something of their own. Just someone who genuinely believes in the miracle and will be in this tale, and someone just knows something and won’t destroy the fragile fairy-tale world. Girl Yasya, like all her age, dreams of little furry friend. And one fine evening he appears. Whether cat, or dog, or chinchilla or just a beast Evsey, who immediately struck Yasyu the ability to speak like human beings. But the strange thing is, parents are never surprised. Only the Pope doubted whether Evsey visible in the pictures.

Elena Romanov has been almost unbelievable – to transfer a real good story in contemporary reality. And the artist Elena Remezova added a picture its a very accurate and vivid and at the same time very touching illustrations.

what books will help keep children occupied at the time of isolation 8

“Lucky,” Remy Charlip

Translation: Michael Wiesel

M.: the Forest of hands, 2020

everything In life is not just all about. Adults know exactly how to explain to a child why one lucky while others are not, or why immediate disaster can turn into a great success tomorrow? To help the parents took Remy Charlip who drew and wrote this small book with a telling name. Lucky mainmu hero ned or not, readers have to decide for yourself. But just reassure parents: if your child will start to genuinely worry for ned, not if he smashed his head due to a leaky parachute, do not drown, will not eat if his game – you know, all will end well. After all, in life everything is relative. And, by the way, you’re in luck, because after watching-reading this book the child will definitely have questions and you will be able to spend some great moments together.

what books will help keep children occupied at the time of isolation 9

“Why Tchaikovsky hid under the sofa”, Stephen Isserlis

Translation: Ksenia and Galina Nikishev nil

Artist: Vlad Makolkina

M.: Scooter, 2020

a Very relevant book for guys who sit at home in isolation and free time do not spend on computer games online, but at least out of curiosity sometimes look at sites of famous museums, theatres and concert halls. Suddenly someone accidentally want to listen to an online broadcast of any concert or Opera. And then open a new amazing world in which we live are the true geniuses – George Frederick Handel, Franz Joseph Haydn, Franz Peter Schubert, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, antonín dvořák, Gabriel fauré. Even if you and your child know who all of these people, this book will help you to know them in a new, human side. But others are biographies of the six composers, written with love and humor by renowned British cellist Steven Isserlis, will make you change your mind about classical music. Each Chapter consists of three parts: a fascinating portrait of the composer, written as an adventure novel, biography, a bit boring, but very necessary, and finally, a description of the music, indicating the works to appeal to children. For those who are not versed in musical terms, at the end of the book there is nota large dictionary.

After reading you will not be difficult to show off your erudition in any company, telling friends why Tchaikovsky was hiding under the sofa, and Handel was spying for two countries, and why Dvorak believed the train and chased pigeons.

what books will help keep children occupied at the time of isolation 10

“Storytelling. How to become popular and to make friends easily,” Nina Zvereva, Svetlana Ikonnikova

M.: Clever, 2020

Storytelling is not just a trendy hobby, and a very useful skill that can help out in unexpected situations. Unfortunately it’s not taught in schools, and if it is not possible to go to special courses, then all have to learn on their own, with zeal, being disappointed and losing opportunities. Journalist and teacher of journalists, Nina Zvereva, which is already nearly 59 years of playing herself on television or the stage, and writer Svetlana Ikonnikova, which learned as a master of oral speech, as written, promise to tell and teach us how to speak from the stage to get pleasure from it, how not to be afraid to meet u and make new friends. Each Chapter, and a total of ten, is a complete master class. After reading them, child (and adult – do not hesitate to read children’s books, they are very useful), learns how to make up stories and tell you about myself and about others, not to offend anyone. At the end of each Chapter there job by doing that, you can fix the received knowledge. And to sharpen them at home, arranging family theatre storytelling.

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