“I really had a lot of Stress in the work, since I gained I now have a good food with integrity.”

“today I was playing sports, now I can eat what I want.”

that happens If you are aware, they tend, like most of the people to self-sabotage. Very inconvenient if you want to actually remove it.

If you have it my losing weight seriously, you should take this slimming brakes from now on, avoid:

In the supermarket-not trap

• wrap up When shopping everything you see. In the ingredients lists of What to look for: 1. Body, makes up the largest proportion by weight. What is the second, the second-largest, etc. In many products, such as sauces or prepared meals, real sugar, and fat bombs are hiding.

sugar remains sugar. On Codename sucrose, Dextrose, corn syrup, Maltose, sugar Farin, lactose, refined sugar or modified starch is important: for example. There is no “healthy” sugar, even fruit sugar is sugar.

• yogurt-lie: Even in the yogurt and cottage cheese-makers hide Thick. Many Low-Fat products have less fat. The lack of taste, however, made by Extra-sugar-betting.

the Who wants to lose weight, should, if possible, choose low-fat cold cuts and bread spreads. Rule of thumb: a maximum of five grams of fat per 100 grams, cheese is not more than 20 percent fat.

• Wellness drinks or yogurt Drinks advertise with a low Sugar content, but usually is still much too high. The best drinks: water and unsweetened tea. Spritzers are only conditionally good. The mix of juice to water should be at least 1:4.

Oil does not equal Oil. Many vegetable Oils contain too many unhealthy Omega-6 fatty acids and too little healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, which strengthen the cardiovascular System. Therefore, stay away from safflower, sunflower and grape seed oil. Access in the case of canola, walnut, Flax and olive oil.

• Real health killer “TRANS fatty acids”, the plug, for example, in Margarine and “partially hydrogenated fats/Oils” will be given. Such fats are heart disease and Diabetes, and promote. Butter is therefore healthier than Margarine.

Basically, you should only buy products which are not more than five ingredients on the list.

food as a reward,

see that’s how it works: you have led set up a brilliant Deal, a project successfully completed, a constructive appraisal interview or a grueling work-week brought? Now with a good meal or something Sweet! Mostly they know it from Childhood. Who learns that food can be a reward associated with positive emotions.

you’d better Go to the cinema, read a great book, or indulge in a Spa unit.

Snacking, just because something is here

Actually, they have eaten dinner and are happy. Everything is good, were it not for the tricky word, actually. As soon as the Partner grabs to the late hour in addition to his munchies, it’s over with the mastery and do you remember your little candy depot in the kitchen …

What helps: Never get hungry go shopping. Then all the scrap ends up in the shopping cart. And what is at home, and is eventually eaten!

► Fight for you in the office for a candy-free Zone.

► Be prepared always: If the Partner talks back to the Chips, pick up your raw vegetable Sticks with cottage cheese!

To Find out “No time”trap’

Who spends every day after office hours in front of the TV or in social networks, it is always thicker, more flabby, inflexible And verdaddelt exactly the time in which he could also cook AND sports…

What helps you, what robs you the time: long phone conversations, bad-used travel routes, the Computer. And then you have a plan in the morning for five to ten minutes, in which you can consider, when you want today what how long to make.

Fixed movement units twice per week are a MUST! Best in the morning, because here she inadvertently set the frame for the entire day. Who starts the day without sports and with a poor Breakfast, has no incentives to make the day a positive one.