the Liberals should admit defeat. We must honestly face the truth: 78% of “for” is a real fiasco for the real opposition, as they call themselves.

you Can gather in the Internet or on radio, or on the canal with a lovely, uplifting the name “Rain”, describe when and who will be the new President, Prime Minister, as a wonderful pass lustration. What will be the first decree of the new democratic leader, second, third… and then all together, happy, cheerful company tumble in some opened after the pandemic, a restaurant and raise a glass of good wine for our and your freedom.

Enough, friends, remove the veil, it is time to look directly at life, this world, on Russia, on the people.

one may say that these unthinking people (their name is Legion) are so prone to stupid TV propaganda. That they are slaves, quilted jackets, the notorious “Russian world”, who do not think with your head and not let others. To think that once they tell the truth and nothing but the truth about this government, about the system, about the wild corruption from the beginning to the end, you only connect liberals to the TV — and fell heavy chains that oppression will collapse and people will be free. And whether they want your freedom, that’s the question. What they mean by freedom?

it is Time to realize what country we live in. To understand it, not shy away from its history, not to create for yourself a new man, like the Communists in 1917. And it’s not that serfdom we have canceled almost just recently, in 1861. Not that we in a sense never become Europeans. Europe, like the current America — is now that we decree? They are, though, it would seem, so carefully nurtured, smoothly trimmed lawn of democracy is now like a ship without a rudder and sails, so that way the watch is not worth it.

All of these so-called “traditional values”, “spiritual ties” who were laughed at by the liberals, considering that these concepts are bluntly hammered into the heads of millions of people on zomboyaschiku for people living in our country, as it turned out, are not an empty sound. They want to see, to feel, to think the old-school. They hate and despise the 90s. And do not say that they there is something not explained. The Russians just how I feel, that’s all.

you Have to understand your people, not indulging in romantic dreams. We must learn again to live among his people to share his fate. But to be able to live outside, and inside people. To be able to step back and look sometimes at his country from a bird’s eye, smiling sadly, primarily on yourself. But to share all the hardships, troubles, along with him, with his people, to live the same fate. This is called a double life, that is what I allowed myself INTA��ligence in Soviet times. You need to be able to wait and do their job, and let come what may.

When we talk about the great Russian literature of the XIX century, it is necessary to understand that it was busy with the aristocracy, component is not more than 5% of a huge Russian population. The rest, even Lermontov, even Pushkin was on the drum. Need to see the abyss.

And when, after the brutal bloody revolution it is still accepted people like Block, Esenin, and Gorky, though not on that, each in their own way shared the fate of the country and its people is the need to understand, to feel, to pay tribute. It is necessary to see the whole tragic history of his people and not to depart from her. “I was with my people. Where my people, unfortunately, were.” (A. Akhmatova)

you Can have different attitudes to Putin, to see its huge flaws, cons. It is possible and necessary in all these big words today’s officials to expose their false, hypocritical, self. But we must realize that, as it’s not hard to say, that Vladimir Putin understands his people better than all the liberals combined. And than all the other people sitting in the Kremlin. That’s why they are for him and hold.

I, like many liberals, believe that the “zeroing” of Putin, his lifelong power is too much for my Motherland. It is necessary to learn the recent lessons of history, not to be losers.

But today I must admit defeat. In a tactical sense, the government won, Yes. Only hands to fold is not worth it. The mole of history digs slowly.

For our hopeless cause!

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